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Everyone Make Financial Blunders, but Learn to Manage Money Better and You May Not Need Cash from Structured Settlements

So, you need cash from structured settlements; it’s not surprising: everyone wishes that they had more money. For some, they think that getting cash from structured settlements is a key to financial freedom. However, selling a settlement can come at a cost – your future financial security when those payments are gone or reduced. Thus,…

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Structured Settlement Payments Video

Terry Taylor/Past President, National Structured Settlement Trade Association – For nearly twenty years, I have sold structured settlements. During that period, I worked exclusively with plaintiff attorneys and plaintiffs like you to help protect their settlements. Over the years, I have referred some of those clients to Strategic Capital and have seen firsthand their integrity…

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Structured Settlements Equal Security. But Sometimes You Have to Sell a Future Payment to Meet the Demands of Life.

If you want to sell a future payment you should first know that creating a structured settlement is arguably the most responsible approach to protecting a client at the time of injury.   That’s right – structured settlements are great financial tools, and they should be protected when possible. The security and reliability of structured…