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What makes Strategic Capital different?

We do not advertise on T.V. We work with the plaintiff to find the solution that best meets their needs We have found solutions that do not require the sale of structured settlements! We rely on referrals from professionals like you We price fairly What does Strategic Capital Purchase? Structured fees Structured settlements Delayed fees…

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Structured Settlements that need extra special care

Workers compensation payments and minor or child structured settlement payments are hard and sometimes impossible to transfer to a purchaser. Workers compensation settlements The laws regarding workers compensation settlements are very different from state to state. Not only are the worker’s compensation laws different, but the laws that rule whether one can sell or not…

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Stories of Harassments & Solicitations… Just Wrong!

One of our attorneys was recently contacted by an annuitant who needed our attorney’s advice on an urgent matter. This annuitant had completed previous transactions involving his companies structured settlement payments with two different factoring companies. According to Strategic Capital’s attorney, the annuitant was articulate and appeared to understand completely his transactions. The reason for…