Lottery Prizes

Lottery Prizes

Selling any of your future lottery prize payments isn’t as simple as walking to the store and exchanging them for cash now. Plus it’s a big, important decision for you. At Strategic Capital, we specialize in helping people access money that’s promised to them in the future to meet their needs today. With that goal in mind, we’ve been purchasing lottery winnings since 1994. We help people get money from future lottery prize winning payments for today’s needs or opportunities.

Throughout the entire process, we’re available to offer guidance and answer questions. We want to partner with you on the path to making the best financial decision for yourself today and for your future. Because regulation varies from state to state, we only purchase lottery prizes in specific states that allow sales of lottery prize payments. In fact, we offer a variety of options to each customer, including partial prize payment purchases. If you need to free up some or all of your lottery prize winnings, let’s talk about your choices.

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Obtain a Degree
Start a Business
Purchase a New Home
Purchase a New Car


Paying Medical Bills
Paying Credit Card Debt
Mortgage Payments
Insurance Payments

What do I need to consider if I want to sell my lottery prize?

Our team takes the time to talk with you and understand your unique financial situation. That way, we can advise you on specific considerations that pertain to you. If you have outstanding child support arrears or tax liens, for example, it’s important for you to know that they’ll be deducted from your purchase price when you sell any lottery prize payments. We then develop several options for selling your lottery prize payments. We encourage you to review those options with your tax advisor and with your lawyer to understand the tax obligations associated with each to ensure the option you choose will best serve you.

Sell Your Lottery Prizes with Strategic Capital

If you live in any of those states and you’re interested in selling a portion of your lottery prize payments or your lottery annuity in its entirety, our expert consultants can discuss the process with you.

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