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Strategic Capital will help get you cash now for your structured settlement, annuity, or lottery payments, without a hassle.

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Sell Structured Settlements

We simplify the process to get you the cash you need, when you need it.

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The judge will approve your transaction and sign the order.

You will receive the funds you need!

Recommended by Top Trial Lawyer Associations across the country.

“With Strategic Capital, trial attorneys across the country can be confident that they are continuing to work in the best interests of their clients by protecting and assisting them post-settlement. It’s all about confidence and integrity, and with Strategic Capital, attorneys will be assured of both.”

Jennifer Smith, MBA
NATLE Executive Director

“In situations such as these, KJA advises its members that clients should contact Strategic Capital.”

Vanessa Cantley
KJA President

“Strategic Capital has been thoroughly vetted by the board of CAOC and found to operate with integrity.”

Deborah Chang
CAOC President

“Strategic Capital Corporation purchases structured settlement payments. Unlike other firms in the industry, they are known for treating, with care and fairness, those with severe financial challenges arising after their case has settled.”

Kathleen M. Reilly, Esq.
NJAJ President

“If clients do need to sell some of their structure, Strategic Capital has satisfied us that they will help your clients, not take advantage of them.”

Matt Hardin
TTLA President

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