Your annuity was established to provide for you over the years. Those years include the present, though, and if you’re in a situation where you could benefit from access to some or all of your annuity money now, we’re here to help. At Strategic Capital, our goal is to provide services that give your annuity the flexibility it needs to best serve you now and in the future. We do that by buying a portion of your annuity or all of your annuity, depending on your needs. We work with you to determine your current financial requirements and how much of your annuity you should sell. Our goal is always to leave as much of your annuity intact as possible to provide for your future.

Ultimately, selling even a portion of your annuity is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We think it’s important that you take time to really understand your options and how they will affect you long-term. We work to give you the choices that maximize the cash you take home when you decide to sell. We also strive to provide those choices alongside service that ensures you never feel rushed or in the dark.

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When should you sell a portion of your annuity?

Annuities don’t account for life’s unpredictability. If you have unexpected financial needs — like medical bills — or want liquid capital to fund a dream for yourself like homeownership, an education, or the start of a new business, you might wish you could access a lump sum from your annuity.

That’s where we come in. We help you use your annuity in a way that adjusts to your current needs while keeping as much of your annuity as possible in place. That’s the difference between Strategic Capital and other companies that buy annuities. We believe you should only sell as much as is required to fund your needs, not a penny more. And you should sell as much as you need, not a penny less. We help you determine the right amount to sell and the right amount to keep.

We encourage you to keep as much of your annuity as possible and even work with you to find other channels through which you can obtain money.



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What’s more, our team at Strategic Capital is committed to working fairly and compassionately in the interest of annuitants. We fund transactions only when it makes good financial sense. In cases where we don’t believe that selling your annuity will be to your benefit, we suggest other alternatives. Ultimately, our goal is to help you provide for your financial needs both now and in the future.

What should you expect if you decide to sell your annuity or part of it?

If the sale of your annuity payments is the best option for you, we talk with you to determine the exact right amount of your annuity to sell. Then, your personal Strategic Capital expert will design several options for you to consider. We give you all the information and time you need to make a decision with which you feel both comfortable and confident. As part of the process, we first encourage you to do the overnight test. Once you choose an option that you like from the ones your Strategic Capital expert provides, sleep on it. Do you still feel good about the choice in the morning? If not, it’s a sign you might be making a hasty decision that won’t serve your long-term financial goals.

We also recommend looking over the options we provide with your lawyer, financial advisor, or another experienced professional. We believe you should only sell your annuity payments when you’re completely confident doing so is the best choice for you now and will support your ideal financial future.

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If you’re considering selling all or part of your annuity, talk with our team at Strategic Capital. However you start the process, our knowledgeable, compassionate team takes the time to help you explore the choices available to you and supports you on the path to making the right financial decision.

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