Annuities – Step by Step

If you’ve found yourself in financial difficulty and wondering where you’ll find the cash you need for an unexpected cost like education or medical care, we’re here to help. At Strategic Capital, we don’t want you to make a decision too quickly or without the facts.

If you’re thinking of selling some or all of your annuity payments to raise cash now, we’d like you to try these steps before you decide.

1. Set up a budget

Look for expenses you can reduce or even cut out entirely. Do you really need the fanciest data plan for your Smartphone? Maybe you can get by with less for a little while. Don’t forget your household budget – if you’re not already using coupons and store brands, there’s another thing to try. Be creative and you’ll be surprised at how much you can save.

2. Identify other ways you can get cash

Maybe you can borrow from a family member. If you’re facing education expenses, grants and scholarships are an option. Check to see if there are personal possessions you don’t need and can sell for extra cash.

3. Make a Good Decision

If you decide to sell payments, get help figuring out how much money you need and how many payments you need to sell. Then, decide how much cash you need now and keep the rest of your payments for your future. Once you know how much cash you need, write that down. Then, get a good night’s sleep and see how it looks. The “overnight test” is one of the best ways to be sure you’re making the right decision.

4. Which Annuity Payments Should You Sell?

If you’re selling annuity payments for cash, you’ll want to keep the payments that are most helpful and sell some or all of the others. For example, if you depend on your current payments to pay the bills but still need cash for an unexpected expense, you can sell your payments that start several years from now.

5. Talk to the right people

Don’t be afraid to ask your lawyer or other professional advisor to recommend a good buyer. Here at Strategic Capital, we’ve been buying annuity payments since 1994 as a leading annuity buyer, and we’ll put you and your needs first and help you get the cash you need. Speak with one of our experts for expert care and attention at 1-866-256-0088. Or email us at