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When You Need Cash for Your Structured Settlements Strategic Capital Offers Service Above and Beyond Our Competitors, Our Clients Say

When you need cash for your structured settlements know that Strategic Capital doesn’t just buy structured settlement payments – we change lives. At least that is what our clients who need cash for your structured settlements tell us. We recently worked with a woman and her sons who had suffered the loss of their husband…

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Structured Settlement Sales

When life locks you in – Here’s the key! One of our competitors recently released a report indicating that a high percentage of people with structured settlements don’t sell their payments.   We agree with their finding. Our experience is that the majority of annuitants keep their payments intact, just the same way as when they…

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NHAJ Discourages Structured Settlements for Cash but Strategic is Ok

Selling structured settlements for cash now is not usually the wisest decision to encourage long term financial security. In fact, under normal circumstances, the New Hampshire Association for Justice (NHAJ), along with a variety of other legal associations, recommends against their clients selling structured settlements for cash. Yet, increasingly organizations such as these are recognizing…