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NHAJ Discourages Structured Settlements for Cash but Strategic is Ok

Selling structured settlements for cash now is not usually the wisest decision to encourage long term financial security. In fact, under normal circumstances, the New Hampshire Association for Justice (NHAJ), along with a variety of other legal associations, recommends against their clients selling structured settlements for cash. Yet, increasingly organizations such as these are recognizing…

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Strategic Capital: Responsible Post-Settlement Planning

What is Strategic Capital? Strategic Capital Corporation provides financial services to structured settlement annuitants, lottery winners and attorneys who need liquidity and who need to access their future periodic payments. Strategic Capital recognizes that life is unpredictable and that unanticipated events can radically change an annuitant’s financial needs long after the lawsuit was settled. Payees…

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Annuitants Can Sell a Structured Settlement Future Payment, but Know These Seven Tips First!

You can sell a structured settlement future payment, but you should be informed first. Today’s media seems to allow everyone anywhere to advertise anything, and this includes predatory companies who advertise in an effort to purchase people’s structured settlements. Sure, almost anyone can sell a structured settlement future payment, but it is not always the…