Structured Settlement Annuity Payment Buyer Strategic Endorsed by CAOC

Structured Settlement Annuity Payment Buyer Strategic Endorsed by CAOC

Not every structured settlement annuity payment buyer is created equal; some are more respected the industry than others. In general, the Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC), and also many other state and national legal associations, does not usually suggest that their clients sell structured settlement payments just because they need access to a lump sum of cash now. However, these organizations are starting to recognize that there are times when the clients for whom they have helped set up structured settlements have a change in life, which equals a change in financial need: these clients need to sell their settlement payments. Reputable organizations such as the CAOC know that it just makes good sense for them to refer these clients to a company that can help them find manage their current financial need, even if that means selling their settlement payments now. This means that they recommend structured settlement annuity payment buyer Strategic Capital.
The CAOC Recognizes that Life Changes

In the message below, Niall P. McCarthy, President of the CAOC, tells all CAOC associates that they should consider recommending structured settlement annuity payment buyer Strategic Capital to their clients when they contact the CAOC because they are thinking about a structured settlement payments sale. You can read the full CAOC letter here:
Dear CAOC colleague,

As a general rule, CAOC recommends against the selling of structured settlements. However, there are times when financial necessity makes it necessary to unwind a structured settlement, or clients will not be deterred from selling their structure. When that happens, CAOC suggests that its members use CAOC-approved vendors such as Strategic Capital. Strategic Capital has been thoroughly vetted by the board of CAOC and found to operate with integrity. Strategic Capital has withstood close scrutiny and cross examination by a host of our board members, some of whom were dubious at best. In the end, CAOC has chosen to consider that if a structure is going to be sold; that it be sold through Strategic Capital in a way that most benefits the client. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Strategic Capital works with clients to see if there are any other ways to raise funds.
  2. Strategic Capital is able to buy only part of the structure and leave the client with the rest.
  3. They have an upper limit on the rates they charge annuitants which is significantly lower than the typical credit card rate we see.
  4. We asked them to include a message from CAOC discouraging the sale of the structured settlement in all their packages sent to California residents. And they agreed.


Strategic Capital is an annuity purchase organization that operates in a principled fashion and that is open to feedback. That is why CAOC recommends Strategic Capital if a structure needs to be sold.

The next time a client has a changed circumstance and calls to get access to cash from a structure, tell your receptionist, your paralegals and your partners that CAOC recommends Strategic Capital. Check out their website at, and feel free to contact Ric Perez at or
(866) 821-6108.
Yours truly,

Niall P. McCarthy
2012 CAOC President

Customer Service Makes a Difference

This organization knows that structured settlement annuity payment buyer Strategic Capital can be trusted.
The CAOC recognizes that sometimes in life things do not go as planned – it is a fact that life changes. In some situations, people suddenly recognize that the structured settlement payments which were a great idea yesterday just do not meet their needs today. At other times, people may decide that they really have a major money need, and that they need to have access to their cash now; these people will often try to obtain the necessary money however they can. The CAOC understands this situation, and thus advises their members to recommend structured settlement annuity payment buyer Strategic Capital to any such clients. In this way the CAOC’s members can be certain that their clients are getting ethical assistance from a caring company.

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