A Trustworthy Buyer of Structured Settlement is the Important Thing!

A Trustworthy Buyer of Structured Settlement is the Important Thing!

We are not just another buyer of structured settlement payments. At Strategic Capital we treat our clients well – too bad other companies don’t always. That sounds harsh, but that is what we hear repeatedly from our attorney colleagues and our customer service team. But just because there are other bad apples, does not mean that the entire bushel is rotten. We like to consider ourselves the shiny fruit. Our mission as a buyer of structured settlement payments is to help you be successful.
Our Clients Speak

We recently heard from one attorney whose client wanted help making the calls and letters from other buyer of structured settlement companies stop. That client had worked with other factoring companies in the past and reported receiving multiple letters and even telephone calls that were aggressive and annoying, as they pushed this client to sell their settlement payments. Apparently, the harassment continued even after repeated requests to stop.
We heard from another attorney in Texas whose client related that she had been pressured to sell more payments than she wanted to in the initial transaction and was pestered with repeated telephone calls and letters soliciting her to sell more payments months afterwards. She went on to say that this happened not once, but twice – with two different companies!

At Strategic Capital, we may be a buyer of structured settlement payments, but we find aggressive tactics like these meaningless, demeaning, and definitely not part of our business philosophy. We understand the sensitive nature of personal finance and want to educate clients so that they feel confident in the decisions they make – especially the decision to do business with us.

We have heard from our own client care representative and sales team how clients are bullied and pressured by competitors. We do not harass annuitants to sell payments or lowball them with shameful offers. That is why our clients tell their representative how happy they are to finally find a company that works to understand their needs and treats them with respect.
Strategic Capital: A Client-Focused Structured Settlement Buyer

“Cashing in” on a structured settlement can be exciting. A lump sum of money is very tempting. We understand that the prospect of having cash can relieve a lot of stressful situations. But we also understand that a structured settlement is a great tool for a secure financial future – and “cashing it all in” can either enhance or threaten the future. While we are not in the business of making judgment calls for our clients, we do feel that we are in the best position to educate our clients and to help them make a sound judgment for themselves.
We are not just another buyer of structured settlement payments. At Strategic, we take the time to talk with our clients to understand their current situation. Then we help them explore other alternatives for raising money. We also carefully explain any consequences of selling their payments. We talk about why they need money now and what they might need in the future; we try to help our clients balance their current need and their future financial security. If selling payments is not the right answer, we say so. We believe in gaining trust through our actions.
At Strategic Capital, “We work with clients, not against them.” Call it karma. Call it good citizenship. Call it what you will. We call it good business.
If you want to know more about how we do business and can help you or your clients, drop us a line at Info@StrategicCapital.com or call toll free: 1-866-256-0088.

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