A Structured Settlement Annuity Buyer can get You Cash for Life Needs

A Structured Settlement Annuity Buyer can get You Cash for Life Needs

A structured settlement annuity buyer can turn your payment agreement, the result of a personal injury claim, into a lump sum of cash now. There is usually a very good reason that a settlement was originally made in a structured payment format; the payment structure was likely set up with the purpose of ensuring that your long term financial, emotional and physical recovery could take place without the pressures of worrying about paying for your living expenses. But what was ideal when the settlement was created may no longer be ideal today – life changes. That is why people like you sometimes choose to sell all or some of their structured settlement payments for cash, because life has changed and they now need a large sum of money. Someone may want to sell their structured settlement because they need money to pay for any variety of expenses including medical care, education, moving expenses, debt settlement, or home renovations.

Times Change and Structured Settlements Can Change Too

If you are receiving payments through a structured settlement you might find that there are times when you might suddenly need to cash in all or part of your settlement for a single lump payment. Basically, you may find that a payment stream which worked for you at first is no longer meeting your needs – a structured settlement annuity buyer can help. For example, perhaps your settlement was originally intended to pay for ongoing physical therapy to recover from the injury that brought you the settlement in the first place. Now, you have healed well and are no longer in therapy, but you are still receiving funds as a result of your settlement. You no longer need the money to pay monthly therapy fees, instead, you would rather pay off your outstanding credit card debt so that you can move forward with your life debt free, interest free, and more care free. Strategic Capital can help you.

Why Turn to a Structured Settlement Annuity Buyer?

Maybe you need to pay for college tuition. Or you want to put a down payment on a house, even save your house that is going into foreclosure. Perhaps you want to pay off a large debt. Whatever the reason, if your life situation has changed since your payment schedule was designed Strategic Capital can provide you with options to get more money into your hands sooner. We can purchase any number of your remaining payments in any combination and size.

Whatever your reason for wanting to cash out your payments, structured settlement annuity buyer Strategic Capital can help. We will discuss your situation with you, and help you decide if cashing out your payments is the best choice for your needs. Then, as part of our complete service, we apply for and obtain all necessary court orders for you, and we stay in contact with you from start to finish. Because we process all transactions in-house you’ll always know the status of your transaction – there is no middle man, no hidden fees, just full transparency.

At Strategic Capital, we specialize in buying structured settlements and other future payments. We make it a fast, straightforward, and flexible process. At Strategic an expert structured settlement annuity buyer will work with you to create the right solution for your needs. And then we make sure you get your money when you need it.

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