Strategic Answers Structured Settlement Questions

Strategic Answers Structured Settlement Questions

You probably have many structured settlement questions. Can I sell payments? How do I sell payments? But Strategic asks: Do you want to sell your structured settlement payments just because someone on the television told you that it is your money and you should take control of it? Do not be fooled and do not be swayed: whether you get the money today, next year, or in the next decade, the money is still yours. You do not have to sell your payments just to feel in control.

Selling your payments may be a good idea for you, but do not be swayed by a company that simply wants to make money off your need.

Ask the right structured settlement questions and get the facts so you can make an informed decision for yourself. Strategic Capital can help you by asking the right structured settlement questions of YOU and helping you draw your own conclusions.
Think about it before you Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments

Knowing how a structured settlement sale will impact your future as well as meeting the needs of your current situation is very important. Selling your payments is not a decision to be made lightly. The courts began to set up structured settlements in record numbers in the 1980s – this effort was meant to secure people’s financial security. And it usually works! Of course, what is good for the goose is not always good for the gander – you may find that this settlement is no longer meeting your needs, and that’s okay. In such situations you should consider selling your settlement, but use caution and think the matter through.
At Strategic Capital We Look Out for Our Clients

Some companies advertise so excessively that you begin to think that you have to call them. But at Strategic Capital we do not need to advertise. Our reputation speaks on its own, allowing us to earn our business through referrals by happy clients and knowledgeable professionals. We help you to ask the right structured settlement questions.
Here are some of the ways that we help our clients make the most of their unique situation:

  1. At Strategic Capital, we take the time to better understand client needs by talking with our clients and using a client –focused process. With the client’s input, we help them think through present needs, while also keeping future financial security in mind.
  2. At Strategic Capital, we discuss scenarios with our clients, considering things such as, “Will there be enough money to pay rent, car payments, and so forth if I sell this portion of my settlement?” Regardless of the REAL situation, many people believe that they need the money – now. But sometimes the reality is that many of these people need the money later too. We help ensure our client’s present and future.

At Strategic Capital we answer your structured settlement questions. We know that creating a structured settlement is arguably the most responsible approach to protecting a client’s projected financial needs. Thus, the decision to accelerate a portion of those future payments should involve an approach which is just as responsible. We show people how to get the most from their cash payments, help them consider other ways to finance their current needs, and in the end work with them so that they make the most financially responsible decision for their personal situation.

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