Want to Know How to Sell Structured Settlements? Look for a Deal.

Want to Know How to Sell Structured Settlements? Look for a Deal.

Asking how to sell structured settlements is an important question because deciding to sell your structured settlement is a big decision. But just as important is deciding what company to work with in order to get the cash that you need. If circumstances put you in a position where you’re wondering how to sell structured settlements make sure that you shop around for the best buyer. And when you’re shopping, keep two important points in mind: price and service.

It is important that you get the most that you can out of your settlement to manage your family’s needs. Now, you need to understand that it will cost you something to trade your regularly payments for a large, single payment – that only makes sense. But what you pay should be reasonable. It’s easy to shop around on price – just be sure to ask each buyer to verify that all fees have been disclosed and are included in the quoted price. Get quotes from two or three different companies and see who will give you the best deal. And make sure that the best deal is one that considers how much cash you get for your payments and also how many payments you are left with. Now, it’s a little trickier to identify the buyer with the best approach, but a company’s philosophy and approach is very important.
Philosophy and Approach

Do not just ask how to sell structured settlements, but also ask why… or why not. A good factoring company will give you honest, valuable help. The company will consider your needs, not just its own objectives. Sometimes, this may even mean that the factoring company advises you not to sell all or some of your payments. Really. A good company will ask you questions about why you need access to your money and what other options you have considered. It will also help you decide whether you will be able to get along without your payments, if you sell them, or if it will simply create future hardship.
Making the Right Choice

Before you sign any contracts and jump right in, begin by asking questions. Ask how to sell structured settlements, but ask more than that. When you ask questions you can get good information and also get a feel for whether the buyer is interested in your situation or is just trying to make a sale. You can see whether you feel a rapport with the buyer, and determine whether the buyer seems pushy and is just out for themselves. Your initial conversation can give you a good feel for how your entire transaction will go.
The Value of Referrals

Of course, an even better way to assess service is through referral – ask your attorney or structured settlement broker to recommend a factoring company. Not only will you get good advice based on experience, you will also have the opportunity to ask your attorney or broker questions about the sale that you are considering.

Strategic Capital works primarily on referrals – we depend on people to tell others what great, caring service we offer. Our company philosophy is that “it’s not what is done, it’s how it’s done.” Any company can take over your payments and give you a check. But attorneys and structured settlement brokers who refer annuitants to us do so because they know that we will provide the most competitive prices, the best service, and unbiased help – even if that means advising against selling payments. With Strategic Capital you can feel confident that you will get friendly, personal, timely service and that we will work with you to come up with the solution that best suits your individual situation. You will know how to sell structured settlements, but you will learn so much more!

At Strategic Capital, we do not advertise because we do not want to push potential clients into viewing their settlement as a “cash cow.” We do not tell them, “It’s your money, why wait?!” Instead, we help our clients make informed choices that improve their lives and financial security.

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