Fastest closing time ever? Strategic Capital customer receives structured settlement payment in just 15 days!

Fastest closing time ever? Strategic Capital customer receives structured settlement payment in just 15 days!

In what may be the world’s fastest closing time ever for a structured settlement transfer, Strategic Capital Corporation recently funded an annuitant in 15 days from start to finish.

How did the annuitant get his money so quickly? Simple: he submitted all the required documents on time. Sure, quick closings also depend on factors not in your control-like how fast your state and court systems operate and the efficiency of your annuity issuer. But bottom line: you can speed the funding process by completing all of the documents in your structured settlement package and submitting them to us as soon as possible.

At Strategic Capital, we’ve seen funding delays caused by a single missing document-and we’ve seen funding received in record time when our clients have submitted all the information requested in the structured settlement package.

So when we call to remind you about a missing document, it might feel like your mother nagging you, but please remember: we want you to receive your money as soon as possible.
Please review the checklist included in your structured settlement package. It lists all the documents necessary to complete your transaction. If you have any questions, call us. Your Strategic Capital Corporation structured settlements expert will clarify which documents you need to submit-and when.
Our goal is to ensure you receive the most funds in the fastest time frame possible. Even if we have to pester you to do so. (You can thank us later.)
10 tips to speedier funding

  1. Submit a clear copy of your picture ID. Just increase the shade settings on the photocopier to improve the image quality.
  2. Keep in mind: legal requirements specify a set period of time you have to wait before asking a notary to sign the contract. We can’t change these laws. So relax and review your checklist to make sure you have completed all the necessary documents.
  3. Complete and return every page in your package. You must sign and return each page in the package to remove any doubt that someone could have changed or edited the documents.
  4. Yes, annuity policies are lengthy, but it really is necessary to complete and return each page within the policy. We require a complete copy of the policy so we can verify the information surrounding your payments. This information is often dispersed throughout the policy.
  5. Include a complete copy of your Settlement and Release Settlement so we can get the necessary information from the courts and your insurance company.
  6. Submit a copy of the Qualified Assignment. Without it, we don’t have all the details we need about the obligations of the involved insurance companies.
  7. If your transaction occurred when you were a minor and in a different state, we might need to get approval from the state where the original transaction took place. Allow time for this.
  8. To avoid funding delays, please provide a check stub or direct deposit statement showing you are currently receiving the payments outlined in
    your policy.
  9. If you are divorced, we will need a copy of the Final Divorce Decree and Property Settlement to verify whether your ex-spouse is entitled to a portion of the funds. The sooner you submit this document, the less chance there will be delays with your funding.
  10. Make sure you get it right the first time by contacting one of our experts. We will make sure you submit all the right documentation at the right time. This is the only proven way to speed your funding.
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