Strategic’s Mission: Cash for Your Structured Settlement when You Really Need It!

Strategic’s Mission: Cash for Your Structured Settlement when You Really Need It!

Getting cash for your structured settlement shouldn’t be only about the money. There are other, equally important, issues that should be considered and Strategic Capital discusses these with all our clients.

Don’t Sell Your Settlement unless You really have to

You can get cash for your structured settlement, but that may not be the best thing to do. Does it surprise you to read this on a website dedicated to buying structured settlements? If so, this is because most other companies are just out to make money, which they do when they buy a settlement. But at Strategic Capital, we want to do what is right by our customers, and sometimes that means advising them NOT to sell their settlement. If the settlement is still serving a purpose and those payments are necessary for the payees to pay their rent and meet daily living expenses then they should not sell.
Help When It’s Needed Most

While the popular media makes a great deal of noise over getting the annuitant “money now” for selling payments, here at Strategic Capital we know there’s much more to it than that.

Because we believe in the value and usefulness of structured settlements, we don’t solicit clients with television advertising. But, we also recognize that there are times when settlements are going to be sold. That’s when we can help the most. If you truly need to get cash for your structured settlement then we are here.

We can assist the annuitant in making a better, more informed, decision about many aspects of the factoring transaction. We talk with them about things like how many payments to sell, whether to sell payments from further in the future or near term, or if there are other ways to raise the money. We’re not afraid to have a frank discussion of how much money they really need and when they need it. We even advise against selling at all if we think that it’s not in the client’s best interests.
Protecting Those Who Can’t Protect Themselves

Strategic believes that it is especially important to look out for the welfare of minors. When a child wants to sell their payments, or a parent feels that selling is necessary, we work with the parents to ensure that they understand the benefits and negatives of selling. Fortunately, such a sale must be approved by the court; the court will likely even appoint a guardian ad litem to review the transaction and ensure that it is in the best interests of the child; Strategic works with the guardian, wanting only what is best for the child and family. We believe that it is very important that, if a minor’s payments are being sold, then the cash payment that we pay for the payments should be used for the benefit of the minor.  We have been involved with minor transactions where the payments were sold to pay for special schooling for the child, or where the family had fallen on hard times and the money was used to pay for school expenses, clothing and extra-curricular education and activities for the child.
At Strategic, Our Clients Come First

When we first talk with a prospective client, we take the time to really understand their current financial situation. We ask about why you need cash for your structured settlement now as well as what you might need down the road. And, we try to help you understand the serious consequences of selling payments. Really, we want our clients to make better decisions about their financial security and we do that by treating them with compassion and respect.
For us, although the money is important, it’s about the client, not just about the money.
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