NHAJ Discourages Structured Settlements for Cash but Strategic is Ok

Selling structured settlements for cash now is not usually the wisest decision to encourage long term financial security. In fact, under normal circumstances, the New Hampshire Association for Justice (NHAJ), along with a variety of other legal associations, recommends against their clients selling structured settlements for cash. Yet, increasingly organizations such as these are recognizing that sometimes clients want to – or need to – sell their settlement payments, and it simply makes good sense for caring professionals to refer these people somewhere that can help them make the best financial decisions possible.
The NHAJ Recognizes that Life Changes

In the message below, Maureen Raiche Manning, President of the NHAJ, tells her staff and associates to recommend Strategic Capital to any of their clients who are thinking about selling structured settlements for cash. You can read the full NHAJ letter here:
Dear NHAJ colleague,

As a general rule, NHAJ does not endorse or recommend specific vendors.  We have made an exception for a small number of sponsors who both (a) share our mission and (b) provide a unique benefit to our members.  Strategic Capital is one of those sponsors that the Board of Governors has identified as a “business friend.”
Strategic Capital buys structured settlement payments.  NHAJ recognizes that in some cases unforeseen changes in clients’ financial situations make it necessary for them to sell structured settlement payments.  In such situations, if you do not provide guidance to your clients, they run the risk of being pressured into selling too many of their payments at a high discount rate and a lowball price.

Strategic Capital works on referral from attorneys and other professionals to address their clients’ immediate cash needs, while also respecting the long-term benefits of the structure / keeping an eye on the long term needs of the clients.  Strategic Capital has been endorsed by NATLE, as well as by several state based trial lawyer associations, as an annuity purchase organization that operates in a principled fashion and treats clients compassionately and fairly.

For more information, please contact Cam Mears at cam.mears@strategiccapital.com or toll free at
(866) 241-6111 .  You can also visit Strategic Capital’s website at www.StrategicCapital.com.
Maureen Raiche Manning, Esq.
The Law Office of Maureen Raiche Manning
NHAJ President

Making a Difference

Sometimes things do not go as planned and life changes; suddenly, people may realize that the structured settlement which once made perfect sense simply doesn’t meet their needs. Or, people decide that they need to access their cash now and they will try to get it, no matter what they have to do. The NHAJ recognizes this situation, and advises its members to recommend Strategic Capital to any of their clients who want to sell structured settlements for cash; in this way the NHAJ’s members can be sure that their clients are receiving caring, ethical assistance.
When you refer clients to Strategic Capital, you can be sure that your clients who need to sell structured settlements for cash will be treated with respect, dignity, and in a way that helps them make the right decision for their situation.

Published : May 6, 2013

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