Integrity. We Buy Structured Settlement Annuity Payments Strategically

At Strategic Capital we buy structured settlement annuity payments, and we do it with honesty and integrity. In June of 2012, we attended a seminar titled “Personal Injury Litigation Update.” It was presented by the New Hampshire Association for Justice (NHAJ) as a source of continuing education for association members, including those who buy structured settlement annuity payments.  We are proud to say that Strategic Capital was one of a select few companies invited to attend this informative seminar. Our entire team eagerly looked forward to the all-day event and eagerly anticipated talking with NHAJ members, and other legal and financial professionals. We have a lot to say about this subject in which we have vast experience and know to be a good solution for the right clients. This seminar, as anticipated, was an educational event for all.
The Resource for Structured Settlement Payments

Strategic Capital can buy structured settlement annuity payments. But, we do not do business the way too many in the legal profession are afraid of. That is why the NHAJ has endorsed us as a “business friend” as well as inviting our participation in their events.

We can provide detailed explanations regarding the process, fees, benefits, and yes, even, pitfalls of selling structured settlements. While we hope that we are thought of as the first choice in factoring companies, we can give guidance on how to choose a purchaser for structured settlements and how to know a good deal from a wrong deal.

We are especially pleased to be attending a seminar on the subject of personal injury litigation because of the real benefits we offer to attorneys and their clients in this area. We enjoy taking on the role of advocate for clients and feel that the highest honor is to be referred to by attorneys. We feel that by personally contributing to the legal community we will continue to earn our place as the premiere resource for structured settlement payment information.
Integrity at Work

We know that attorneys and structured settlement professionals work hard to set up a settlement for their clients’ best interests. We also know that structured settlements are a beneficial and lasting solution in many situations. But, when circumstances change and the clients call for advice about selling payments, we are there to help. Here is how:

  • No predatory advertising – majority of our clients are from professional referral
  • No pressure to sell – we buy as many or as few payments as the client needs
  • No poor treatment – we treat our clients with respect and compassion
  • No greed – we consider the clients current requirements and long term needs before we buy structured settlement annuity payments.

We are proud to be a resource for information to legal professionals, just like we are proud to be part of a solution for our clients.
Experienced Professionals

While we are recognized by the NHAJ as a “business friend” our relationship and mutual commitment to helping clients is strengthened by our participation in events like this seminar.  We enjoyed being there and connecting with like-minded professionals who know that to buy structured settlement annuity payments is an important responsibility.
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Published : May 3, 2013

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