Sell Your Structured Settlement Payments to Strategic Capital

When you decide to sell your structured settlement payments, or recommend that a client sell their payments, you can feel confident that Strategic Capital is the best “partner” in this process. At Strategic Capital our Value Proposition involves serving customers with honesty, integrity, and in their own interests.

Any company can help you sell your structured settlement payments, if they have enough money. At Strategic Capital we strive to go beyond the simple transaction of giving our clients cash in exchange for their structured settlement payments. Rather, we work to offer true customer service and value to our clients in how we help them decide, how we make the process easier, how fairly we treat our clients, and our efforts to make the process as fast as possible.

What We Do that Makes Us Different

Strategic Capital stands above the rest, offering a full array of services to our clients. At Strategic Capital we do the following, every day:

  • Strategic Capital provides post-settlement financial solutions.
  • Strategic Capital buys structured settlement payments from annuitants when their life situation suggests that a lump sum of cash will be more helpful than payments.
  • Strategic Capital buys structured fee payments from attorneys.
  • Strategic Capital helps people deal with unanticipated changes in their lives.
  • Strategic Capital provides clients with liquidity and flexibility options using their structured settlement payments.
  • Strategic Capital offers honest help in the interest of our clients, not just our own business.
  • Strategic Capital sometimes recommends that people not sell your structured settlement payments.

Accomplishing Our Goals – and Yours
In accomplishing your goals, we accomplish our own. That is, we help you (or your clients) meet the new financial needs in your lives when you have to sell your structured settlement payments. We encourage clients to find other financing options, but when that can’t be done and the financial need is real, we are there.

What separates us from all the other structured settlement factoring companies out there? Simply put, it’s our integrity.

Strategic Capital Corporation has the following value proposition:

  • We work as a resource to attorneys and structured settlement brokers.
  • We help people who have genuine needs.
  • We do not solicit via TV or print advertisements.
  • We do not encourage people to sell their structured settlements.
  • We encourage people to sell only as much of their payments as they must to meet their immediate needs.
  • We adhere to strict standards of client service, including listening to and understanding our clients, helping them make decisions, communicating in a timely fashion and doing our best to speed the process along.

How Strategic Capital Stands Out

At Strategic Capital we have built a reputation of excellence which separates us from other financial organizations. We are customer focused in everything we do. Sure, we are a company looking to make a profit, but we know that we can be profitable while also serving our clients in an ethical, caring way. If you need to sell your structured settlement payments, call Strategic today.

Published : April 26, 2013

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