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If You Sell Future Payments, You Do Not Have to Sell Everything at Once.

2016-04-16 05:50:11 David Meyerowitz, CEO
It’s Not All or Nothing when you sell future payments Structured settlements are put in place for an annuitants’ financial security and well being. But, when their life changes in such a way that their structured settlement can’t meet all their needs, they may face the decision to sell future payments. That’s when things can get confusing.

Sell None, Sell Some or Sell All – That’s the $64,000 Question

Despite what many professionals and their clients may have heard or been told, annuitants don’t have to sell all of their payments at once. They have the freedom of choosing which, if any, payments to sell. We’re often approached by attorneys and other structured settlement professionals with questions and concerns about selling payments.  In those instances, we explain that there’s no reason or need for the annuitant to sell all of their payments.

Customer Service – Deciding to Sell Future Payments

An important part of our customer service focuses on helping...

You Have an Expert in Your Pocket! Learn how to get Structured Settlement Cash Now from those in the know!

2014-03-09 17:59:50

At Strategic Capital we can help you get structured settlement cash now. In fact, we pride ourselves on knowing most of the answers when it comes to buying and selling structured settlements. And when we feel that we need more information, well we go out and get it! That’s why we recently did something that was unprecedented: we assembled a group of six legal professionals who work in the structured settlement field and asked them a series of questions designed to get you the answers that you need. Then, we used this information to write the online guide, Selling Your Structured Settlement without Losing Your Mind or Your Money and published the Roundtable Discussion with Structured Settlement Professionals on its own  so that you can see all the answers for yourself.


Asking the Professionals


Of course, the decision of whether or not to get structured settlement cash now is yours, and the answers vary based upon your own unique situation. But when you have all the fact...

This Guide will Change the way you Cash in Structured Settlement Payments!

2014-03-04 15:32:14

If you have spent countless hours scouring the web for information on how to cash in structured settlement payments your surfing can stop right here because we have created, just for you, the ultimate guide to structured settlements. You simply have to read, “Selling Your Structured Settlement without Losing Your Mind or Your Money”.  This is our web guide, which you can download in full for your convenience; it will answer all your structured settlement questions. Want to know the tax implications of selling your settlement? Read “Understanding the Tax Implications of Selling Structured Settlement Payments” .  Want to know the truth behind selling your settlement and bust 12 myths in the industry? Read “Busting the Myth: Understanding Your Structured Settlement Payout” . And there’s more.


Information for You

At Strategic Capital we are there for you, and that includes keeping you informed. Before you cash in structured settlement payments we want to be sure...

The Value of Future Payments is Not the Only Thing to Consider in Selling Your Payments

2013-06-13 16:06:32 David Meyerowitz, CEO

Wonder what the value of future payments on your structured settlement are? This is a good question, but there is other information that you must know also. A structured settlement is an agreement that results from a personal injury claim. But what was ideal when the settlement was created may no longer be ideal today. That’s why some people choose to sell structured settlements for cash to pay for a variety of expenses, like medical care, education and home renovations. A settlement attorney knows that the value of future payments is an important part of deciding to sell; that’s why you, or your clients, can get a fast, free quote on the value of future payments from Strategic Capital today. You can also get important information.

If you are a settlement attorney or other professional, you may not like the idea that your clients want to sell their settlements. But the fact is that sometimes clients DO want to sell, and they will SELL to whatever company they can find. By...

Selling Future Annuity Payments: What Do People Do with the Money?

2013-06-13 07:02:11 David Meyerowitz, CEO

Selling future annuity payments can be a way of funding many of life’s expenses. Structured settlements are put in place to protect the financial security and well being of injured people and their loved ones. But when their life changes in such a way that their structured settlement can’t meet all their needs, they may face the decision to sell payments. Strategic Capital wants to be there to provide options and support. But what do most people due when they sell future annuity payments?

  Reasons for Selling Structured Settlement Payments

As a leading company in the factoring industry, our customer service team talks with people every day who are wrestling with the decision to sell their future annuity payments. We ask our clients about the reasons they have for selling settlement payments so we can understand their unique situations. This is what we’ve learned:

  • Many people are paying off credit cards and other high interest debts so they can reduce their...

Present Value of Future Payments is Important, but Good Customer Service is Paramount!

2013-06-13 07:00:37 David Meyerowitz, CEO

Knowing the present value of future payments is an important consideration when selling your structured settlement. But when it comes to selling structured settlement payments, there’s more to consider than the “math.” The right company will help clients work out how to balance their current financial needs with what they might need in the future. Part of this is explaining to you the present value of future payments and how much money that you will get. But, it’s not just a simple question of whether to sell all, some or none of your payments. And it’s not just about how much it will cost to sell the payments – there is a lot more to consider. Strategic Capital asks the right questions to help you make the best decisions.

  Help for Wiser Choices

When a structured settlement is first put in place, it’s set up for the annuitant’s benefit. At Strategic Capital, we recognize the value of a well crafted settlement. But, when someone’s current situation changes...

Why Sell Future Payments? Strategic Capital Has Some Answers That May Surprise You!

2013-06-13 00:00:04 David Meyerowitz, CEO

If you wonder, “Why sell future payments?”, then Strategic Capital has some important information for you. Selling a structured settlement is a big decision that requires considering one’s financial situation now and in the future. But once the decision to sell is made, choosing the right company to work with is the next most important decision. The question is, Why sell future payments? The answer: because your life has changed. But there are other things to consider beyond simply “why?”

Working with a Responsible Factoring Company

An ethical, honest buyer of structured settlement payments cares about their customers and focusses on service more than making money. A responsible factoring company provides full disclosure to their client, as mandated by Nevada and other state structured settlement laws, provides options and flexibility to annuitants so that they can make the best decision in the circumstances, shows annuitants how they can avoid selling their settlements...

Get Cash for Your Future Payments with Strategic Capital: There’s No Competition

2013-06-12 17:40:15 David Meyerowitz, CEO

Need cash for your future payments? You have come to the right place. At Strategic Capital we get most of our clients through professional referrals. That is, attorneys and other settlement professionals refer their clients to us when changes in life might require cash for your future payments. We have an excellent relationships with many attorneys who have clients with post-settlement financial problems and are considering selling payments. Sadly, the entire factoring industry does not have such a good reputation. In fact, the one issue that comes up when we talk with our legal colleagues is how poorly companies clients who need cash for your future payments are treated by the factoring industry and by other companies.

  Making the Decision to Sell Payments

At Strategic Capital, we agree that a structured settlement is a valuable asset that provides a solid financial foundation for clients. Such regular payments gives them something to count on in financially difficult and...

Strategic Works with Clients to Convert Future Payments into Cash and Also to Meet Their Needs.

2013-06-09 22:10:25 David Meyerowitz, CEO

By Cam Mears

Queens New York Factoring Denial

You can convert future payments into cash, but is it always the right thing to do? The recent denial of a factoring transaction by a New York judge has received a lot of attention lately. This case provides us a good opportunity to show you why court approval of structured settlement sales are necessary, and how this approval is meant to protect people, helping to ensure their financial security. You can convert future payments into cash, but you need to have a good reason.

Allia Rahman needed cash to pay tuition for her last two years of college, but she had no assets and no access to credit.  She did have a structured settlement, though, so she called the number she saw on TV and agreed to sell her payments to an aggressive factoring company.

The transaction required court approval pursuant to New York’s Structured Settlement Protection Act, which says that the court must find the transaction to be in the best interest of the...

A Cash Payout for Structured Settlement Payments Gives You the Option to Sell Some Now and then More Later as Your Needs Change

2013-06-09 20:41:44 David Meyerowitz, CEO

You can get a cash payout for structured settlement payments on only a portion of your structured settlement and keep the rest. Some structured settlement payments will provide you with not only monthly payments for x number of years, but will also give you lump sum payouts in 5, 10 or 20 years. If you need cash now, you could sell just the lump sum payments due in few years in exchange for cash now, and still keep your monthly payments. By explaining your options for a cash payout for structured settlement payments, Strategic Capital helps you to make the best decision, a decision that will give you the money that you need now while still thinking about your future financial security.

Jennifer gets Shot and then Her Roof Collapses

Here is a story from one of our clients who had decided to get a cash payout for structured settlement by selling only her lump sum settlements to deal with an urgent financial crisis; she was able to keep her monthly payments, ensuring that she had...

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