The Value of Future Payments is Not the Only Thing to Consider in Selling Your Payments

The Value of Future Payments is Not the Only Thing to Consider in Selling Your Payments

Wonder what the value of future payments on your structured settlement are? This is a good question, but there is other information that you must know also. A structured settlement is an agreement that results from a personal injury claim. But what was ideal when the settlement was created may no longer be ideal today. That’s why some people choose to sell structured settlements for cash to pay for a variety of expenses, like medical care, education and home renovations. A settlement attorney knows that the value of future payments is an important part of deciding to sell; that’s why you, or your clients, can get a fast, free quote on the value of future payments from Strategic Capital today. You can also get important information.

If you are a settlement attorney or other professional, you may not like the idea that your clients want to sell their settlements. But the fact is that sometimes clients DO want to sell, and they will SELL to whatever company they can find. By referring your clients to Strategic Capital, you know that they will have the information to make a smart decision and that they will not be taken advantage of.

If you are a person looking to sell your own settlement, know that Strategic Capital may recommend that you do not sell structured settlement payments. We will work with you to look at your financial issues, now and in the future, and give you the tools and information so that you can make your own decision. If you do decide to sell your payments, Strategic Capital will give you a top price, a great rate and will help you access your money as fast as possible.

Structured Settlement Basics

Once they learned about the benefits of structured settlements, plaintiffs said that a primary reason that they would choose a structured settlement annuity is because it provides a reliable income for monthly expenses and guarantees financial independence.  What may not be as clear to plaintiffs nowadays are the many options and the flexibility that a structured settlement offers.

Once a person receives the cash from the lump sum payment, he or she cannot simply change his or her mind and switch to a structured settlement payment. However, if an injured person chooses a structured settlement payment, he or she has the option at a later date to sell all or part of the settlement in the secondary market, for immediate cash, while still retaining a portion of the income stream. Sometimes, the value of future payments might be less important than what that money can do for the annuitant today.

The Legality of Selling Payments

Section 5891 of the Internal Revenue Code and the Structured Settlement Protection Acts at the state level give payees the option, with court approval, to transfer structured settlement payments from themselves to factoring companies who buy structured settlement payments.  Given the flexibility offered by the buying and selling on the secondary market, structured settlement payments may be a better option for those people who are uncertain about whether to choose a structured settlement or a lump sum payment.

Not many people sell their structured settlement annuity payments. In fact, most people do not sell structured settlement payments.  Those who do choose to sell structured settlement payments typically do so because their circumstances have changed, and they need the cash for a specific reason (it could be to pay for a medical procedure, it could be used for debt reduction, it could be used to pay for re-training or education, etc.). The cash that they receive is used as an escape valve, to help people reduce some of life’s pressures so they can deal with a problem or an opportunity. When people sell to Strategic Capital they make the decision with facts in hand and they get the help of a caring, reliable company.

If you want to know the value of future payments for your structured settlement contact Strategic Capital for a free, no obligation quote today.

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