Present Value of Future Payments is Important, but Good Customer Service is Paramount!

Present Value of Future Payments is Important, but Good Customer Service is Paramount!

Knowing the present value of future payments is an important consideration when selling your structured settlement. But when it comes to selling structured settlement payments, there’s more to consider than the “math.” The right company will help clients work out how to balance their current financial needs with what they might need in the future. Part of this is explaining to you the present value of future payments and how much money that you will get. But, it’s not just a simple question of whether to sell all, some or none of your payments. And it’s not just about how much it will cost to sell the payments – there is a lot more to consider. Strategic Capital asks the right questions to help you make the best decisions.

  Help for Wiser Choices

When a structured settlement is first put in place, it’s set up for the annuitant’s benefit. At Strategic Capital, we recognize the value of a well crafted settlement. But, when someone’s current situation changes – maybe they need funds to save a home from foreclosure or to pay off high interest rate debt, or even pay for tuition for their children – they may turn to selling their payments. And some companies can take advantage of this with high rates and the wrong options.

At Strategic Capital, we take pride in helping our clients understand the present value of future payments and make better and more informed decisions about how many, if any, payments to sell. We help them think their decision through and choose wisely. After all, it’s not a good idea to sell any payments if the underlying reasons to sell don’t make sense, or if selling those payments will endanger their financial future.

At Strategic Capital we work hard to make sure that our clients have well thought out plans for the cash and solid reasons for needing it, as well as making sure they’re selling the right payments – all while keeping an eye on their future needs. In short, we don’t just buy payments, we ask our customers to make sure that they are planning their financial lives.

  Strategic Capital – Common Sense in Action

At Strategic Capital, we emphasize financial prudence and common sense; we also encourage our clients to make sound decisions. We do that by talking with them so that we understand their current needs and plans for the future, and so they understand the present value of future payments. Because we want to do the right thing by all our clients, we’ll certainly tell them when selling payments is a bad idea or when they are trying to sell for a less than ideal purpose.

Our entire client service team is here to serve our clients:

  • We talk with them to understand their situation and plans
  • We help them explore other sources of funds
  • We’ll tell them when we think that selling payments, either some or all, is not in their best interest


To us, it’s not “math” – it’s people.

We’ve done business this way for years and we aren’t changing now. Find out more about our client focus or learn the present value of future payments for your situation by sending a note to or calling toll free:1-866-256-0088 .

Ric Perez is our Vice-President who oversees clients in the west and Cam Mears is our Vice President who oversees clients in the east. Ric can be reached directly at or 1-866-821-6108 and Cam can be reached directly at or 1-866-241-6111. Call or drop a line to find out more about our common sense and compassionate approach.

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