Structured Settlement Buyers Should Pay all Costs of your Sale – Strategic Capital does!

At Strategic Capital we believe that structured settlement buyers should pay all sales fees! With Strategic Capital, you can rest comfortably knowing that you will incur no out of pocket expenses for the sale of your structured settlement. We will pay all court costs, all filing fees, all transfer costs – everything.
We Pay the Fees, Big or Small

When selling your structured settlement there will be certain costs associated with the transfer. These costs include insurance company fees (the money that is charged by the insurance company who pays your annuity) to deal with the transfer. In addition, certain search and legal fees are standard costs for every transaction, whether it is a small or a large transfer. The legal fees alone can be thousands of dollars, typically ranging between $1,000-$3,000. The search costs range between $200-$1,000 per transaction. Insurance companies charge anywhere between $500 and $3,000 per transfer, depending on which insurance company makes your payments. This means that the entire transaction can end up costing as little as $2500 or as much as $7,000 – but Strategic Capital pays it all. You never have to write a check, hand us cash, or transfer a penny; this is not true with all structured settlement buyers.

Be Wary of those Structured Settlement Buyers Who Will Cheat You

In addition to court costs and transaction fees, some structured settlement buyers will also charge their own administration fees. While some of these fees may be legitimate, and the court will approve them, you need to talk to your company and ensure that the fees are reasonable and can be explained. Actually, if you think about it, why sell to a company who charges you any fees, no matter how small? Strategic Capital won’t charge you any fees at all!

Sometimes, if a company tries to charge too many fees it can not only damage your position, taking extra money out of your settlement check, but it can also cause the court to deny your settlement sale. In 2006, a New York court denied a sale to J.G. Wentworth because the court claimed that J.G. Wentworth was charging administrative fees that it did not properly explain and that were unreasonable (The Matter of 321 Henderson Receivables L.P. vs. Fontana). In addition, the court felt that the amount of the cash lump sum to the client was insufficient, that J.G. Wentworth’s calculation of how much the client should get was flawed, and that the sale, due to the net amount offered by this company and the high fees, was not to be approved. Unfortunately, there are many structured settlement buyers out there who charge fees and costs that reduce the net cash to you
Put Your Trust in Strategic Capital

At Strategic Capital we put your needs first. There are never any hidden fees when we buy a structured settlement. There are never any last minute additions. With Strategic Capital you know that you are getting the best deal in the industry, paying nothing out of pocket, and working with a reputable, caring company that wants to help you and your family.

Published : April 9, 2013

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