Structured Settlements Equal Security. But Sometimes You Have to Sell a Future Payment to Meet the Demands of Life.

Structured Settlements Equal Security. But Sometimes You Have to Sell a Future Payment to Meet the Demands of Life.

If you want to sell a future payment you should first know that creating a structured settlement is arguably the most responsible approach to protecting a client at the time of injury.


That’s right – structured settlements are great financial tools, and they should be protected when possible. The security and reliability of structured settlement payments allow clients to recover from injury, and to mend their lives emotionally and financially. But sometimes that recovery requires them to sell future payments.
Understanding Recovery

Maybe money cannot buy happiness, but we all understand that emotional and physical recovery from injury is helped by financial stability. Fortunately, the consistent payments inherent to a structured settlement provide exactly the stability and certainty needed during difficult recovery times.  And, for most annuitants, structured settlements will continue to do a great job throughout the life of the payments, helping the annuitant to pay their rent, manage their medical bills, and get through daily life, at least financially.

But, for a minority of clients, the best or only solution to an unexpected financial need is to sell future payments. These clients need to sell structured settlement payments because the world has changed, or their lives have changed or their needs have changed. That is why Strategic Capital provides post settlement financial solutions and stress relief for attorneys and clients – we are there when life does not go as planned.

We help people deal with changes in their lives, changes that require money to manage properly. The same way that trial attorneys help clients deal with life events, we too help clients deal with changes in their life circumstances. No one can predict the future with absolute certainty; but the one thing that we can predict is that life never stays the same – the only thing that doesn’t change is change.
From Payments to Lump Sum

At Strategic Capital, we provide clients with liquidity and flexible options, allowing clients to use their structured settlement payments to rebalance their financial set-up. We buy structured settlement payments from plaintiff annuitants, and we buy structured fee payments from attorneys. We do not do this lightly, because we know that structured settlement payments provide security; but we do help people sell a future payment when it is necessary.

It’s very important to understand that just because someone may sell a future payment today does not mean that the structured settlement was not helpful at the time of the injury. Just because the plaintiff might not use the entire structured settlement payment stream to the very end does not diminish its importance at the time of the injury.

A stable financial future payment stream was essential to the person’s emotional, physical and financial recovery. Now, years later, the annuitant is stronger and better able to deal with uncertainty. This is where we can help.
Selling structured settlement annuity payments in exchange for a lump sum is an important decision. At the end of the day, a factoring company does not make a decision for the customer, and it is the customer who must make the final decision.  But a good factoring company can provide responsible and helpful options for customers as they navigate what can be a difficult time in their life.

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