MAJ Says Cash Payout on Structured Settlements by Strategic is Okay

MAJ Says Cash Payout on Structured Settlements by Strategic is Okay

Getting a cash payout on structured settlements is not usually the best choice because structured settlements support long term financial security. Thus, in general, the Maryland Association for Justice (MAJ), along with many other state and national legal associations, does not recommend that their clients get a cash payout on structured settlements. However, these organizations are increasingly recognizing that sometimes the clients for whom they have helped set up structured settlements have a new need, a need that makes them want to sell their settlement payments. Good organizations like the MAJ know that it simply makes sense to refer these clients to a place that can help them find a way to manage their current financial need, even if that means selling their settlement.
The MAJ Recognizes that Life Changes

In the message below, David Walls, executive director of the MAJ, tells his members that they recommend Strategic Capital to any of their clients who contact the MAJ because they want a cash payout on structured settlements. You can read the full MAJ letter here:
Dear MAJ Member,

As a general rule, MAJ recommends against the selling of structured settlements. However, there are times when changing facts make it necessary to unwind a structured settlement, or when clients will not be deterred from selling their structure. When that happens, MAJ suggests that its members use our newest Platinum Sponsor, Strategic Capital, to purchase the Structured Settlement or Structured Attorney fees.

Strategic Capital explains that they work with clients to see if there are any other ways to raise funds. They ask clients what cash they use to pay the rent etc… They really want to be sure someone doesn’t lose the roof over their head for the sake of a truck or a holiday. They have an upper limit on the rates they charge annuitants which is significantly lower than the typical credit card rate we see. Finally, Strategic Capital is able to buy only part of the structure and leave the client with the rest.

Attorneys don’t always hear of clients who call in to ask about selling their structured settlement. Please tell your associates, your paralegals and your receptionist that any time clients call about selling their structures, they should be directed to speak with Strategic Capital.
Feel free to contact Cam Mears to learn more about how Strategic Capital can help you help your clients at  or toll free at
Their website is  and their general toll free number is

David B. Walls, CAE, CMP
Executive Director

Customer Service Makes a Difference
We all know that sometimes in life things do not go as planned – life changes. Sometimes, people suddenly realize that the structured settlement which made perfect sense yesterday simply doesn’t meet their needs today. Other times, people decide that they really have a serious money need, and that they must have access to their cash now; these people will try to get it however they can – they need a cash payout on structured settlements.
The MAJ understands this potential situation, and advises its members to recommend Strategic Capital to any such clients who need a cash payout on structured settlements. In this way the MAJ’s members can be sure that their clients are getting good, caring, ethical assistance.

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