Speed Up Your Annuities Structured Settlement Payment Process

You can get annuities structured settlement payment cash outs fast, if you take an active role in the process. At Strategic Capital we get asked all the time how our clients can sell their structured settlement payments and get the money fast. The answer is simple… Here’s the foolproof way to speed the annuities structured settlement payment sale:
Submit all the required documents on time.
Yes, it is that easy.
Getting Your Check Fast

As with many things in one’s financial life, selling annuity payments requires paperwork. Getting your paperwork in fast is the best way to help move our settlement sale along quickly. Of course, quick closings also depend on factors not in the annuitant’s (client’s) or transfer (factoring) company’s control – like how fast the state and court systems operate and the efficiency of the annuity issuer.
Interesting Fact: It’s a fact that Illinois and Virginia process the transfer transaction faster than any other state. But that doesn’t mean that every sale can’t go fast too!
The Bottom Line

No matter what state you live in, the bottom line is that clients can get their annuities structured settlement payment money faster by collecting and completing all of the documents in the structured settlement package – especially the annuity policy – and submitting them as soon as possible.
A single missing document can cause significant funding delays. On the other hand, clients can receive funding in as little as 18 days in certain states when they submit all the information requested in the structured settlement package – including the Annuity Policy.
Take the time to review the checklist included in the structured settlement package. It lists all the documents necessary to complete the transaction. If anything is unclear, contact the experts at the company buying the payments to clarify which documents are necessary to submit – and when.
The goal of a good structured settlement transfer company like Strategic Capital, is to help clients receive money in the fastest time frame possible.
Following are steps you can take to the quickest, easiest way to sell a structured settlement:

  1. Complete and return every page in the annuities structured settlement payment package. Clients must sign all required documents and return every document requested so the purchaser can provide the necessary information to the court and insurance company.
  2. Provide a copy of the annuities structured settlement payment policy as early in the process as possible. This document provides accurate and essential information to the company buying the payment.
  3. Submit a copy of the Final Divorce Decree and Property Settlement (if the client is divorced) to verify whether an ex-spouse is entitled to a portion of the funds. The sooner this document is submitted, the less chance there will be delays with funding.
  4. Sign and return the affidavit as soon as possible.
  5. Provide all supporting documents and information for the court that explains why the money is necessary at this time.
  6. Get it right the first time by contacting an expert. The professionals at Strategic Capital will make sure the right documentation is submitted at the right time. This is a proven way to speed funding.
  7. Submit a clear copy of your picture ID. Just increase the shade settings on the photocopier to improve the image quality.

For more on “How to sell my structured settlement for cash?” Read a step by step process here

Published : May 6, 2013

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