Sell Casino Winnings Today and Buy a House, Finance your Education – Change your Life!

Sell Casino Winnings Today and Buy a House, Finance your Education – Change your Life!

It is easy to sell casino winnings and put cash in your pocket today. If you won a huge jackpot at a casino or are one of the lucky few to have hit it big in the lottery you may find yourself receiving regular, annual payments and wishing that you could just have that lump of cash in your pocket now. The good news is that if you are receiving payments from a casino win, lottery luck, or some regular payment through an annuity or structured settlements lawsuit you can get access to your cash now, in one large lump sum – you can   sell casino winnings today fast and easily.
Payments are Great, but Sometimes You Need Cash Now

Receiving regular payments from a lottery win or annuity can be great for the long haul. Such payments can provide money for living expenses, a comfortable addition to your paycheck and financial security. But what if you need some of that money more quickly? As you probably suspect, you can sell casino winnings and other settlement payments to Strategic Capital; in return, we will give you a lump sum of money in exchange. It’s easy. It’s fast. It costs you nothing out of pocket.
Do I Need Court Approval to Sell Casino Winnings?

When you sell a structured settlement that comes from a lawsuit you usually need to seek court approval of the sale before you can access your cash in a lump sum.

Now, if you want to sell your gambling winnings, often there is no court approval required. In such situations you can access your money quickly and easily. If you live in New Jersey, however, you will need to seek court approval.

No matter what legal paperwork is required, Strategic Capital can help, giving you the most lucrative deal and making the judicial process as painless as possible. Strategic Capital will walk you through the process, show you all of your options and what the sale will cost you in easy to understand terms, and pay any processing or transfer fees on your behalf.
Access Your Money from Strategic Capital

If you want to sell casino winnings or lottery payments just complete the no-obligation quote form on our website to find out the value of your payments. With our no-hassle process, your personal Strategic Capital representative will design several options for you using a variety of your available payments, looking at how much you can get if you cash out your entire settlement or just part of it. Together we will help you choose the most practical option for your situation.
You can always be assured that from Strategic Capital you will get a fair rate and price when you sell casino winnings. You will be treated with respect, given all necessary information, and eased through the process.
With Strategic Capital you have someone helping you with the process of cashing out your settlement, a company that will work with you to come up with the options that will best serve you now while also guaranteeing your future. No pressure. No hard sales tactics. Just you and us working together to find the solution that helps you make the most of your money. Call Strategic Capital and gain access to your casino winnings, lottery payments or other annuities today.

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