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At Strategic Capital we can help you get structured settlement cash now. In fact, we pride ourselves on knowing most of the answers when it comes to buying and selling structured settlements. And when we feel that we need more information, well we go out and get it! That’s why we recently did something that was unprecedented: we assembled a group of six legal professionals who work in the structured settlement field and asked them a series of questions designed to get you the answers that you need. Then, we used this information to write the online guide, Selling Your Structured Settlement without Losing Your Mind or Your Money and published the Roundtable Discussion with Structured Settlement Professionals on its own  so that you can see all the answers for yourself.
Asking the Professionals

Of course, the decision of whether or not to get structured settlement cash now is yours, and the answers vary based upon your own unique situation. But when you have all the fact you can make better, more educated decisions. One way to get the information that you need is to hear what the experts have to say. On our website we quote such experts as financial gurus Suze Orman and Dave Ramsey. But now, we have gone a step further and actually conducted interviews with six professionals who work in the structured settlement industry every day. This is what they know; this is what they do. And they have the answers that you need.
Who We Asked

In our interviews we spoke with six men in the industry. All six have legal backgrounds and have practiced extensively in structured settlement law. One man, Patrick Hindbert, was the president of the National Structured Settlement Trade Association (NSSTA) at one points and also served as Executive Director of the Society of Settlement Planners (SSP). Another man, Matt Bracy, was the president of the National Association of Settlement Purchasers and has worked with congress on structured settlement legislation. The impressive credentials of the men we interviewed goes on; suffice to say that we found six men who really know the industry and can offer valuable information to help you make your best decision before you get structured settlement cash now.
What We Learned

We asked each of these six men eight questions about structured settlements and what you should know before you sell. The document is long and very interesting, to those who like in-depth information.

If you would like the most simple to read information, a document that includes aspects from this roundtable discussion, then read our guide, Selling Your Structured Settlement without Losing Your Mind or Your Money.  But if you like in-depth information that has not been edited read over our roundtable discussion and see what the experts say.

In this interview document you will learn what these men feel about selling settlements and what they, with their experience and knowledge, see as good reasons to sell. You might be surprised that in some instances one asserts that a vacation could be a good reason to get structured settlement cash now.  (Read:  What are good reasons for people to sell and what are bad reasons, and can you provide any real life examples of each type that you have heard about?). Or you may be surprised to learn that the structured settlement purchase agreement itself can hold danger if you don’t read it carefully (Read:  What are the pitfalls that people should be careful of when they sell structured settlement payments?).  Our experts also give specific advice, for example pointing out that some people neglect to consider the structured settlement when applying for Medicare . One of our professionals cautions the person considering selling their payments to “just wait for tomorrow”. But why? Read our interview to find out .
Be Informed

When you want to get structured settlement cash now you need to remember that this is a big decision, and not something to be entered into lightly. To make the best decision for your entire life you need to consider both your current financial situation and your future situation. You need to ensure that you can live without your future payments, that you truly have a need, and that selling your payments won’t put you in a bad position further down the line. To learn more about what you should think about when making this decision read our Roundtable Discussion with Structured Settlement Professionals.

Published : March 9, 2014

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