If You Sell Future Payments, You Do Not Have to Sell Everything at Once.

It’s Not All or Nothing when you sell future payments Structured settlements are put in place for an annuitants’ financial security and well being. But, when their life changes in such a way that their structured settlement can’t meet all their needs, they may face the decision to sell future payments. That’s when things can get confusing.

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Sell None, Sell Some or Sell All – That’s the
$64,000 Question

Despite what many professionals and their clients may have heard or been told, annuitants don’t have to sell all of their payments at once. They have the freedom of choosing which, if any, payments to sell. We’re often approached by attorneys and other structured settlement professionals with questions and concerns about selling payments.  In those instances, we explain that there’s no reason or need for the annuitant to sell all of their payments.
Customer Service – Deciding to Sell Future Payments

An important part of our customer service focuses on helping clients choose which payments to sell and which ones to keep.  When we work with clients on payment and timing issues, we help them consider things like how much money they might need in the future and which payments would best satisfy that need. We’ll also point out which payments might be the best candidates for sale because they have the least impact on the structure. Overall, we never push a client to sell everything especially when they may only need to sell one, or a few, payments.   In fact, we encourage clients to sell as few payments as possible.

An important part of our customer service focuses on helping clients choose which payments to sell and which ones to keep.

One of our customers came to us after speaking to a competitor.  She was offered $60,000 dollars and in return, she would have to sell all of her monthly $1,000 payment for the next 15 years.  She didn’t need that much money and she was worried about her monthly expenses.  We were able to pay her $30,000 dollars in return for $400 per month for the next 10 years !  Our solution solved all her financial problems and she was ecstatic.
Strategic Capital –Understanding and Compassion for Our Clients

We’re a company that focuses on thoughtful choices and common sense and that attitude is present in our entire customer service team. When a client is referred to us, we make sure to treat them like we’d like to be treated:

  • We talk with them, not down to them, to understand their current and future needs
  • We discuss other options and sources of immediate funds
  • We advise selling as few payments as necessary

We take our clients’ well being seriously. That’s why we go to the trouble to make sure they know that  when they sell future payments that they have the option of only selling enough payments to meet their needs and being able to keep the rest for their future financial security.
Learn more about how we help our clients by sending a message to Info@StrategicCapital.com or calling toll free: 1-866-256-0088.
Ric Perez is our Vice-President who oversees clients in the west and Cam Mears is our Vice President who oversees clients in the east.  Ric can be reached directly at ric.perez@strategiccapital.com or 1-866-821-6108 and Cam can be reached directly at cam.mears@strategiccapital.com or 1-866-241-6111. Call or drop a line to find out more about our common sense and compassionate approach.

Published : April 16, 2016

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