Why Sell Future Payments? Strategic Capital Has Some Answers That May Surprise You!

Why Sell Future Payments? Strategic Capital Has Some Answers That May Surprise You!

If you wonder, “Why sell future payments?”, then Strategic Capital has some important information for you. Selling a structured settlement is a big decision that requires considering one’s financial situation now and in the future. But once the decision to sell is made, choosing the right company to work with is the next most important decision. The question is, Why sell future payments? The answer: because your life has changed. But there are other things to consider beyond simply “why?”.

Working with a Responsible Factoring Company

An ethical, honest buyer of structured settlement payments cares about their customers and focusses on service more than making money. A responsible factoring company provides full disclosure to their client, as mandated by Nevada and other state structured settlement laws, provides options and flexibility to annuitants so that they can make the best decision in the circumstances, shows annuitants how they can avoid selling their settlements if possible, uses a fair discount rate, works with the annuitants’ advisors to recommend the best course of action, and helps you decide why to sell future payments.
The Value of a Structured Settlement

Structured settlements are put in place for valid reasons at the outset and are a valuable financial planning tool for personal injury victims.  For most people, their best course of action is to retain their structured settlement payments in full, just as set up at the outset.  Such payments are meant to provide financial support or to guarantee financial independence. However, as time passes and peoples’ circumstances change, it may make sense to sell structured settlement payments when the annuitant’s life or financial situation changes significantly. The factoring industry serves a valuable purpose in these situations and the chance to access the present cash value represented by the structured settlement payment stream can make a critical difference in the annuitant’s life.


Ric Perez of Strategic Capital explains that, in some cases, the best course may be to sell only a portion of a structured settlement payment stream in exchange for a smaller cash sum.

This allows the client to retain a stream of future payments for long-term financial security, while also meeting immediate financial needs. In other cases, a complete settlement sale might be the best option for a client with a specific need. Sometimes, a person’s life and circumstances may have changed so completely that the original settlement no longer provides maximum long-term value to the annuitant. Each situation and each client is unique.
A Company History of Quality and Integrity

With a strong emphasis on integrity and professionalism, Strategic Capital cares about “How it’s done” as opposed to “Just get it done.” The company has purchased well over $1.5 billion in payments over the past 17 years, including purchasing structured fee payments for attorneys. Moreover, Strategic Capital’s track record of success and sound client service has earned it praise from many prestigious trial lawyer associations, including the National Association of Trial Lawyer Executives (NATLE), Maryland Association of Justice (MAJ), Kentucky Justice Association (KJA), Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) as well as the Nevada Justice Association (NJA). When you wonder, “Why sell future payments?” think of Strategic Capital.
Refer Your Clients and Friends to Strategic Today

With Strategic Capital you or your clients will get accurate information. We provide those in need with the options and information to help them make educated decisions that will work for their present and their future. We are not just out to buy payments and make money but to help people make the decisions that improve their lives. When you wonder, “Why sell future payments” you know that you can turn to Strategic Capital to help with the answers.

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