You can Sell Structured Insurance Settlement Payments with Strategic Capital

You can Sell Structured Insurance Settlement Payments with Strategic Capital

You may need to sell structured insurance settlement payments if you recently lost someone close to you and now have a pressing financial need. Losing a loved one is a terrible thing that can devastate both emotionally and financially. Sadly, this happened to two of Strategic Capital clients, Carolina and Kelly, as we describe below.
Carolina Loses Her Father

Carolina was a teenager when her father was killed suddenly in a work accident. A structured settlement from her father’s employer for his wrongful death was arranged, with payments to be made to Carolina for the next 12 years. While she now had some income, Carolina had lost her farther who had supported her, emotionally and financially. In addition, the shock of the event and the drawn out lawsuit meant that she still had to go into debt in order to maintain her lifestyle and finish her education.

In an effort to free herself from a vicious cycle of debts that had been piling up since her father’s passing, Carolina had decided that it was time to sell her structured settlement for a lump sum fast, and she contacted Strategic Capital.

We made sure that Carolina considered all of the pros and cons of selling her payments. After considering her financial situation she decided to continue with the sale of her payments and we agreed to buy them. We were able to help Carolina sell structured insurance settlement payments, completing the purchase in under two months from start to finish. This allowed Carolina to pay her school tuition, catch up on her bills and begin to rebuild her life.
The Loss of Kelly’s Mother

When Kelly was 10 years old, Kelly’s mother was killed in a car accident caused by a drunk driver. Kelly also suffered severe injuries to her leg, face and arm in the same accident. It took five years, but in 1992, Kelly was finally awarded a structured settlement as a result of her mother’s unexpected death, to be paid out for the next 27 years. Although the structured settlement was minor compensation for the loss of her mother, the payments meant that Kelly did not have to add financial stress to her emotional pain, and she was able to come to terms with her tragedy. Kelly graduated from college; she got married and started a family. Kelly and her husband decided to sell structured insurance settlement payments for a lump sum to pay off their debt, incurred from the wedding and other life expenses, and to be able to purchase a house. Living mortgage free eased the financial burden on Kelly and her husband, allowing Kelly to be a stay at home mother while her children were young.
Share Your Experience or Write a Happier Ending Today

Loss is never easy and no amount of money can make up for losing someone that you love. But having financial security when you sell structured insurance settlement payments can allow you the time to emotionally heal and restore some normality to your life. If these stories resonate with you and you have a similar situation, share your story of when you had to sell structured insurance settlement payments with us, and how it helped you move forward. Or, if you are still writing your story and a lump sum of cash will help it have a better ending contact Strategic Capital today.

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