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If you need money for your structured settlement payments you have probably had some financial issues in life recently. Unfortunately, despite our modern technology, life does not provide a crystal ball that predicts when opportunities come up or when unfortunate events will happen. We can never know when a car will hit us, or when we will need money for an emergency medical procedure or for an emergency financial situation.

Fortunately, for those with structured settlement payments, there can be a way to deal with some of life’s unexpected situations – you can get money for your structured settlement payments with Strategic Capital.

Here are stories from some of our clients who decided to sell their structured settlement payments in order to deal with life’s changes – here you will read of very different people, handling very different situations, but all working with Strategic Capital to make the best choice. Like them, you can get money for your structured settlement.
The Single Mother and the Slippery Floor

Melissa’s office floor was waxed with the wrong chemicals, making the floor dangerously slippery. Since there were no caution signs placed in the area, Melissa was not aware of the slippery floor, so she slipped and fell. In her fall, Melissa dislocated her foot and ankle, fractured her leg in 11 places and had to undergo 8 major surgeries. Melissa’s employer and Melissa worked out a settlement in 2008 to give Melissa monthly payments. Melissa, a single mother of two girls, is currently working and so she decided to sell her structured settlement payments for a lump sum and use that money to purchase a house in a good community with great schools. Her children are doing well!
Knee Replacement Surgery

Ryan was in a motorcycle accident in 2005. As a result, Ryan was left with severe damage to his left leg which required 22 surgeries and three years of physiotherapy. In 2008, Ryan was awarded structured settlement payments to be paid out to him over a span of 10 years. Due to damage sustained to his left leg, Ryan was forced to put the majority of his weight on his right leg. Over the course of three years, Ryan’s right knee became damaged from the stress and could not take the pressure anymore; Ryan was advised to do knee replacement surgery. In order to cover the medical expenses for the knee replacement, Ryan sold his structured settlement. If your health changes like Ryan’s, you might need money for your structured settlement.
Single Mom Skin Graft

Vickie suffered three compound fractures of her left leg as a result of a motorcycle accident. She had to undergo 14 surgeries on her leg, undergo a skin graft and have pins and plates placed in her leg. In 2004, she was awarded structured settlement payments to be paid out to her for the next eight years. In 2008, Vickie, a single mother of three children, lost her job due to the downturn in the economy. In order to keep up with her mortgage payments and other bills, she decided to sell her structured settlement payments for a lump sum of cash to tide her over until she found a new job.
Strategic Capital Helps Ensure Your Present and Future

In all these stories, even with the sale of the payment, the structured settlement continued to do what it was intended for: to help the annuitant. If you need money for your structured settlement call Strategic Capital for a free quote. Or, just drop us a line and share your structured settlement or annuity story with us.

Published : May 6, 2013

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