A Cash Payout for Structured Settlement Payments Gives You the Option to Sell Some Now and then More Later as Your Needs Change

You can get a cash payout for structured settlement payments on only a portion of your structured settlement and keep the rest. Some structured settlement payments will provide you with not only monthly payments for x number of years, but will also give you lump sum payouts in 5, 10 or 20 years. If you need cash now, you could sell just the lump sum payments due in few years in exchange for cash now, and still keep your monthly payments. By explaining your options for a cash payout for structured settlement payments, Strategic Capital helps you to make the best decision, a decision that will give you the money that you need now while still thinking about your future financial security.
Jennifer gets Shot and then Her Roof Collapses

Here is a story from one of our clients who had decided to get a cash payout for structured settlement by selling only her lump sum settlements to deal with an urgent financial crisis; she was able to keep her monthly payments, ensuring that she had a steady income stream:
Jennifer was accidentally shot by the county deputy sheriff in 2002. As a result, her left tibia (the leg bone next to the shin bone) was shattered to the point that she needed to have steel rods and pins inserted into her leg to replace the shattered bone. It took Jennifer six years to recover from her injuries and to be able to use her left leg completely again. In 2007, Jennifer was awarded a structured settlement to be paid out to her on a monthly basis for the next ten years and also three lumps sums due every six years for the next 18 years.

In 2008, the roof of Jennifer’s house caved in and since she didn’t have home owners’ insurance to fix the damage; she needed to find another source of cash fast. Luckily for her, she had a structured settlement to fall back on. Jennifer decided to sell part of her structured settlement.

Jennifer called Strategic Capital; we explained the cash payout for structured settlement options to her, that she could sell all of her payments – monthly and lump sum. But that she could also sell just part of her payments, either her most immediate monthly payments, later monthly payments, or some of her lump sum payments. Jennifer realized that she could sell her lump sums that were due every six years and get enough money to pay for her roof damage. Jennifer, a single mother of two growing boys, decided to keep her monthly structured settlement payments as additional income, selling only the larger payments.
Strategic Capital Helps You to Plan Strategically
Strategic Capital purchased Jennifer’s future payments and provided her with a cash payout for structured settlement payments fast so that she was able to fix her roof right away. In fact, we were able to give her an advance that allowed her to pay someone to tarp the roof while she awaited the full payment.
Because at Strategic, we put clients first.
If you have a similar story or have questions about how to sell only a portion of your structured settlement, please call our experts at 1-866-256-0088.

Published : June 9, 2013

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