Complete a Structured Settlement Transfer in as Little as 18 Days

If you are considering a structured settlement transfer you probably have a pressing financial need. Of course, it almost goes without saying that anyone who is expecting money for any reason is enthusiastic about getting it “right now”. Thus, we understand that you are eager to finish the structured settlement sale process and receive the check from your structured settlement transfer fast. However, there are many things that can impact how quickly we can get your money to you.
Funding speed is affected by different things

Strategic Capital Corporation has purchased structured settlement payments from annuitants and has funded their structured settlement transfer in as few as 18 days. Of course, this is not the norm in every state. The courts in some states are faster than in other states because different states have different transfer requirements as well as different court processes. In addition, how busy the court is can have a major impact on how quickly we can get a hearing and consequently how quickly we can release your funds. Economic conditions can impact how busy a court is and how long it takes to get a court date. Depending on the state that the annuitant (the person receiving payments) resides in, the funding process usually takes anywhere from 60 days to 90 days.
How You Can complete Your Structured Settlement Transfer Faster

You can play an active role in getting your money as quickly as possible. You can help speed up the process by signing all of the paperwork quickly and by providing the original structured settlement documents as fast as possible. Of course, when someone is planning to sell a structured settlement, he or she wants the money from the sale of the structured settlement as soon as possible. That’s why it is important for us to have the policy early in the process and for the seller to provide all information quickly.

Even in today’s digital world, the sale of a structured settlement is still a paper transaction—it involves a lot of paperwork. And the most important document of all is the policy. The policy confirms all of the details about what is being bought and sold, including payment amounts and dates and all of the parties involved in the transaction: the annuitant, insurance company, policy owner, and beneficiaries.

In other words, the policy is the buyer’s record of what the insurance company is paying. So if the seller has the policy at the beginning of the transaction it speeds the process and avoids funding delays. You can also ensure that you are available to appear in court, if necessary, allowing us to get the earliest scheduled date and get everything taken care of quickly.
What Strategic Capital Can Do to get your money faster

Once you have done your part, providing all paperwork and signing all forms quickly, it becomes our job to work to get your sale approved quickly. We do this by being responsive to your needs, getting you the paperwork to sign quickly, answering your questions and being available. We also provide you with a dedicated customer service professional who will look after your case, start to finish, and ensure that all necessary paperwork is filed on time, correctly. We will work to get the fastest court date possible.
Once the structured settlement transfer is approved by the court we work with the insurance companies who pay your annuity to finalize things and we cut you a check or wire you the money quickly. Sometimes, in extreme circumstances, we may even be able to offer a partial advance on your annuity sale.

Published : April 25, 2013

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