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Strategic Capital offered me much more than other structured settlement companies. And they were nicer to work with because they didn't bug me all the time. representatives were super friendly, they kept me informed, and even though I was a real pain, they always were kind, respectful, and responsive to my requests.



  • If You Sell Future Payments, You Do Not Have to Sell Everything at Once.

    2016-04-18 15:35:41


    It’s Not All or Nothing when you sell future payments Structured settlements are put in place for an annuitants’ financial security and well being. But, when their life changes in such a way that their structured settlement can’t meet all their needs, they may face the decision to sell future payments. That’s when things can get confusing.


    Sell None, Sell Some or Sell All – That’s the $64,000 Question

    Despite what many professionals and their clients may have heard or been told, annuitants don’t have to sell all of their payments at once. They have the freedom of choosing which, if any, payments to sell. We’re often approached by attorneys and...

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At Strategic Capital we believe that your structured settlement is a valuable asset.

And we believe that it should be treated with respect when you sell structured settlement payments.

If you sell structured settlement payments, then you need the transaction to be the best that it can be for you, for your needs and for your life.

We believe that your structured settlement helped you when you were injured and that it should help you if your needs have changed and you need cash instead of future payments.

We also believe that YOU should be treated with respect.

We will present purchase options to you that respect you and that respect your structured settlement and all that it represents: the injury, the hard work that went into your settlement, and the time it took you to recover.

We help people who need cash from their structured settlements, annuities, lottery prizes and casino winnings have the best of both worlds – we want you to have the cash you need to solve your financial needs "today" and we want you to keep as much of your structured settlement as possible to meet your financial needs "tomorrow", in the future.

We will show you how to do that.

How is Strategic Capital Different from Anyone else You May Have Heard About?

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  • Endorsements

    For one thing, we are recommended by many trial lawyer associations. We are an approved business friend of many trial lawyer associations across the country, all of whom recognize our commitment to helping clients and attorneys when they sell structured settlement payments. It is not easy to become approved and we don't know any other company in our business that is recommended like we are. Even more impressive, many of these associations have written letters of support and recommendation for us, including the Consumer Attorneys of California, the Florida Justice Association, the Kentucky Justice Association, the Tennessee Association for Justice, the Maryland Association for Justice as well as the National Association of Trial Lawyer Executives. We are very proud of all the support from the legal community.
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  • Cash and payments - best of both worlds

    We will never try to convince you to sell structured settlement payments that you don't need to sell; in fact, it's the opposite. We will pay you such a good price when we buy as few structured settlement payments as we need to in order to meet your current needs so that we leave you with as much of your structure as possible. As we say at the top of the page, we think structured settlements are valuable and were set up to help you. So, keep as many of your payments as possible. The way to do this is to carefully calculate exactly how much money you need and allow us to give you a good price for the payments that you do sell.
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  • Solutions today should not mean problems tomorrow

    At Strategic Capital, we believe that when we help you solve your urgent need for cash, it shouldn't create a new problem for you "tomorrow". Please see how we have helped others and read testimonials from our previous clients here. As soon as you fill out our quote form, one of our experts will contact you. We can provide you with pricing, we can offer you different options and we can spend as much or as little time as you want so that you end up with the best solution.