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    Selling My Structured Settlement

    Just because a client decides to sell their structured settlements payments does not mean that the settlement was not effective or did not do its job – it did its job magnificently.

    The security and reliability of structured settlement payments allow clients to recover from injury, and mend their lives emotionally and financially. But sometimes people’s lives change and they have to consider selling their settlements for a single lump sum. This is not a negative reflection on the original settlement but is rather an empowering moment for annuitants to be able to deal with what life throws at them.

    Recovering Emotionally, Physically and Financially heading

    At Strategic Capital, we understand that emotional recovery benefits from financial stability. And the structured settlement provides exactly the stability and certainty that are helpful as annuitants struggle to regain their normal life. Most of the time the settlement does its job! Furthermore, for the vast majority of annuitants, these payments will continue to do a great job, untouched, through the life of the payment structure.

    But, for a minority of clients, the best or only solution to an unexpected financial need is to sell their settlement payments. These clients need to sell their payments because the world has changed, their lives have changed, or their needs have changed – or maybe because everything has changed!

    Meeting the Needs

    In our modern world the structured settlement’s role has expanded: it can be called upon to be a critical illness policy for those who don’t have critical illness insurance and who need to deal with a life changing illness. The settlement may play the role of an education fund for those who need it, allowing a person to move forward from adversity by changing fields and learning new skills. And it can play the role of a forced savings account for those who need to draw on savings to deal with a changed financial circumstance. These future payments can be many things to many people.

    Moving Life Forward

    Today, the structured settlement has become even better than ever imagined! It is a tool that helps people live a better life and take a first step forward. It is also a tool that can adapt. That is, these payments can be sold to give the client a lump sum payment that, in some situations, may better suit their circumstances. But at Strategic Capital we know that the decision to sell payments is a serious one and must be made with great care.

    Structured Settlement Quiz

    See what you know, and what you still need to learn about selling structured settlements

    For example, if your structured settlement payments are tax free and you sell for a lump sum, do you have to pay taxes on that lump sum?

    a. Yes, I will have to pay taxes if I sell.
    b. No, I will not have to pay taxes if I sell.

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