Get Cash, Carefully

What to do when you are facing a financial challenge ?

If you need to solve a financial challenge:
  1. Make a budget.
  2. Try to reduce and/or cut your costs and expenses.
  3. Identify ways and places you can get a lump sum of cash:
    • Borrow from a relative
    • Borrow from the bank
    • Obtain a grant or scholarship for education
    • Sell things you don’t really need so that you can raise some cash
    • Sell structured settlement payments
  4. Ask someone you know for advice.
  5. If you decide that you need to sell structured settlement payments, then sell the right number of payments so that you get the right amount of lump sum cash – don’t get too much or too little.
  6. Calculate how much you really need. Add it up and write it down. Then put it away. After a night’s sleep, look at your number and your reasons. Do they still look correct? When it comes to a decision as big as selling structured settlement paments, make sure your reasons pass the “overnight test”.
  7. Sell as few payments as you can.
  8. Make sure that if you sell structured settlement payments, you keep the payments that will help you the most right now, and sell some of the other payments. For example, you may need a lump sum of cash and you may also need cash every month, so think about selling payments that start, say, in four years from now.
  9. Ask your lawyer or structured settlement professional to recommend a good structured settlement buyer.
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