Nervous about your structured settlement buyout? Here’s what to expect when you call for a quote.

When you begin the structured settlement buyout process you will begin either online or on the phone. The first thing is getting information about which structured settlements buyer to choose or if you should sell you will have the option to fill out online quote forms, call companies, participate in online chats and even use email.

Filling Out Online Quote Forms

Filling out an online quote on a structured settlement annuity factoring company website usually gets you nothing except for a return phone call from most companies. Your best bet is to forget this and just call when you are prepared to talk and it is convenient for you.

If you do decide to fill out an online quote for a structured settlement buyout, everyone will ask you for the following information, and it will be required to submit the form:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email

Some companies will also require the specific terms of the settlement, such as insurance company and payments due, before you can even submit the form. Not Strategic Capital. We want to talk to you on your terms, however you feel comfortable.

Sending an Email

In most cases sending an email to a structured settlement buyout company will get you nothing except an invitation to call the company – except with Strategic Capital. In fact, our clients tell us that Strategic Capital is the only company who ever answered any of their questions via email, sending a personalized message, not just a generic template that didn’t really apply to their situation.

Calling Directly

Calling a structured settlement annuity factoring company directly will likely get you the most information, fast. Most companies will answer your call immediately and can answer some questions for you in that first conversation. However, without extensive details most will not quote an actual number at this stage unless you have all of the information that they need. This highlights how important it is to have your paperwork with you and be prepared when you call, otherwise you may be just wasting your time. When you do call you should be prepared to answer the following questions which we were asked by almost every company we talked to:

  • How many payments do you have left and how much are they?
  • When did you receive your last payment?
  • Have you ever sold any payments before?
  • How much money do you need now? Why do you need it?
  • What insurance company issues your payments?

Don’t be pressured!

When you call a company you are taking them for a test drive – you want to see if it feels good to work with them. Avoid working with a company that tries to pressure you to make a rushed decision. A caring company will give you the information that you need and then give you the space that you need to mull it over and make the best decision for you and your family. If someone tries to pressure you too much you may want to move on to another company.

Top Questions to Ask When You Call

The savvy shopper should ask certain questions when calling for quotes, including the following:

  1. Should I sell my payments for this reason?
  2. In your experience, will a judge approve this sale?
  3. Will I have an individual contact at your company, a specific person that I can call when I have questions?
  4. How much will it cost to sell my payments? What is the structured settlements discount rate?
  5. Which payments should I sell to maximize my total proceeds, earlier payments, later payments, lump sum, etc.?
  6. What can I do to speed the process up?

Of course the top question to ask yourself is, “Who should I call?” The clear answer is, call Strategic Capital. We are there for you with a great price and great service.

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