Every structured settlement sale is unique, so you don’t need a structured settlement calculator, you need a company that can tell you the truth about the value of your settlement quickly and without pushing you to sell

We all want an easy fix, like a quick online structured settlement calculator that can tell us exactly how much our payments are worth. But really, structured payments are so complicated that no online calculator can tell you what they are truly worth. No online calculator that exists will consider your current payments, future payments, how far in advance they are, what is remaining in the structure, what the time value and inflation rates are and all of that sufficient to give you an accurate quote. In fact, an online structured settlement calculator might give you a false sense of thinking you understand what your payments are worth, when the truth is that there is so much that goes into this calculation that you simply have to talk to a live person to get even a ballpark idea of what your settlement is worth.

Growing your knowledge

The road to selling your settlement payments is a long one. It began with an unfortunate situation where you were compensated with a settlement. Hopefully, it continued with emotional and physical healing, and helpful payments coming in each month.

Now, life has changed and you find that you need more money. Selling your structured settlement payments is a potential way to handle this situation. But before making such a big decision you cannot be too informed – the more you know the better! Do not count on a simple, inaccurate, online structured settlement calculator for such a big decision. Please read the Strategic Capital website to inform you or call Strategic Capital to get answers for your specific situation today.

But first, read our five top tips below:

  1. Exhaust all other options before you sell your payments.
  2. Sell only as many payments as you absolutely must to meet your current financial needs.
  3. Be careful choosing a structured settlement company. Pick one that has a good reputation and treats you well, not one that pushes you to sell.
  4. Consider selling “earlier” payments first – payments that are further into the future will be worth less if sold now.
  5. Do what you mean to do with the money and invest any “leftovers.”

Resources to Grow Your Knowledge

This text represents hundreds of hours of research and review of thousands of pages of laws, cases, statistics, blogs, financial guru advice and more. We have done the footwork for you and provided you with almost everything that you could want to know about selling your structured settlement. But every person is different and each situation unique – you may need to learn more before you make that final decision.

Following are a list of the top sources that we recommend to help you get the rest of the information that you need to make that final decision, or simply to make the process of selling your payments or managing your money go more smoothly:

And of course, our Strategic Capital website and our friendly account representatives are there to answer your questions any time.

Be a life-long learner!

Learning is not like painting a wall, you do not do it one time and then you are all done. Learning should be a life-long endeavor – that is part of the beauty of the internet, it puts so many resources at the palm of your hand. When you know where to find information and how to research things you have the key to knowledge. Track your resources, bookmark good sites, dog-ear your book pages, and you will always know how to find the information that you need.