Five things you MUST Consider When Choosing a Company to Purchase Structured Settlements from You

You’ve probably heard it said that choosing the right company to purchase structured settlements is important. But it bears repeating – it is that important. Following are the top 5 things that you must consider when you choose a structured settlement factoring company to sell your payments to.

#1: Personal Attention

You deserve personalized attention. Beware of any company that sends out form letters that don’t apply to your situation or answers your questions in vague ways that, again, don’t seem to apply to your situation. Insist on a company that pays attention to you, where you get personal assistance by a dedicated account specialist who knows your case and is always available.

#2: Respect for You and Your Time

Before you sell structured settlements choose a company that respects your time. This means that they call you back promptly (within one business day) when you leave a message. They keep you informed. But they do not call or write you constantly, pushing you to make decisions before you are ready. Choose a company to purchase structured settlements that treats you with respect, at all times.

#3: Attentive Service

In addition to being reachable and respectful, you want a company that is proactive in that they answer your questions before you even ask them. A reliable, ethical company should want you to be informed. They should tell you what is going on, explain the process to you, and always be available to answer your questions.

#4: Looking Out for Your Best Interests

You want to choose a buyer of structured settlement payment that helps you make a decision, honestly. They should be willing to tell you the benefits of keeping your settlement and be honest that, for many people, keeping a settlement is a better option. They should always tell you the truth, even when it means advising against a sale. If at any time you feel like you are being pushed into selling when you are uncertain then you should find a different company to work with.

#5: Gives You the Best Deal

You also want a buyer of structured settlement payment that gives you the best deal. An ethical company will demonstrate those ethics by giving you a reasonable, affordable quote. You can tell if a rate is reasonable by comparing it to other quotes. An ethical company will not mind if you want to get other quotes; in fact, they will encourage it. They will also encourage you to get independent financial advice, or at least should not mind if you want to. If they are truly dedicated to your best interests they will answer your questions and then give you the time that you need to make the best decision based upon those answers. That’s what we do at Strategic Capital – when we purchase structured settlements we are here for you.

Value customer service above all!

Money matters, obviously. You need money to live and thus you want to get the most money that you can for your settlement payments. However, how you are treated is also important. Be sure to look for a company that makes you feel as though they are placing your needs before money.