Don’t Step on a Landmine When You are Looking at Structured Settlement Companies

Choosing among the structured settlement companies can be a real challenge, as you are bombarded with advertising and hard sell tactics. When it comes to putting a structured settlements for sale, the most important decision that you will make is whether or not to sell at all. But after that, the most important decision will be choosing the company that you will sell your payments to. Why? Because the company that you choose will influence the amount of money that you receive, how fast you receive it, and how pleasant the entire process is for you.

Imagine How Bad It Could Be

Picture it, a few years ago life was tough when you had an accident and, finally, received a structured settlement. Now, sometime later, life has hit you hard again and you need to access some fast cash from that settlement. Now, imagine that you choose one of the structured settlements companies based only on their advertising, or the fact that they called you first. This company is constantly pressuring you to make decisions, constantly badgering you to sign a contract, continually recommending that you sell more payments than you really wanted to, and offering you less money than you need. And they are doing all of this in a way that is not friendly or helpful, with different people calling you all of the time. Your already difficult situation has become a nightmare. You dread answering the phone. You don’t know what to do. Choosing structured settlement companies is not easy.

Run from the company that pushes too hard!

If you are uncertain about whether selling your settlement is the right choice you want to work with a company that helps you make a well thought out decision. A good company will tell you the benefits and negatives and encourage you to think things through. If the company you are talking to simply pushes you to sell and ignores your concerns hang up and call someone else.

Imagine How Good it Can Be if You Call Strategic Capital

Now, imagine that you were a bit more careful and took the time to choose one of the structured settlements companies based on reputation, customer service, and value, like Strategic Capital. This company answers your questions before you even have to ask them. You have a single, dedicated account representative that you talk to every time you call. You always feel informed and know where you are in the process. You never feel pressured, but always feel attended to.

A difficult situation is made just a bit easier when you work with the right company.

What to Consider when Choosing Structured Settlement Companies

Eugene Ahtirski, a lawyer who has represented sellers, purchasers and investors of structured settlements said that it is important to choose the right company, writing, “common mistakes and/or pitfalls that sellers of structured settlement payment streams often make is [to assume] that all purchasers are the same; when the truth is that the ethics, customer service and business practices between purchasers are vastly different.” When you choose a settlement payment purchaser you must consider all of these things: reputation, customer service, attentiveness, willingness to answer questions, quote, and, honestly, their willingness to give you time to think without pressuring you.

You also want to look at structured settlement transfer companies that have your best interests in mind, not just their own. You want a company that will help you decide how many payments to sell, not just push you to sell all of your payments. In fact, in your preliminary conversations with companies the two most important questions that you should ask are:

  1. Do I have to sell all of my payments?
  2. Will I have a dedicated account representative so I talk to the same person every time that I call?

When considering structured settlement transfer companies you want a company, like Strategic Capital, that encourages you to sell only what you must. And one who gives you dedicated, individualized service. Not the hard sell. Call us today for a no obligation, no pressure conversation.

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