"We work with you to find other ways to solve your current financial problem so you
won't have to sell any payments."

Payment Process

What Is Strategic Capital

As you may have heard, STRATEGIC CAPITAL isn’t like your regular structured settlement buyer.
One very important difference is that we don’t advertise on TV,
which costs a lot of money, and so we’re able to pass those saving on to you.
You want to make every dollar count – after all, it doesn’t grow on trees.

We pay much higher prices for structured settlement payments, with no fees or service charges,
which is the same thing as much lower interest rates. But that’s just the start.


The first Step after you wonder "can i sell my structured settlement for cash" is when you contact some factoring companies and get a competitive qoute. Be sure to choose a company that is reputable and that you feel comfortable with. You should compare qoutes from multiple companies and make an informed decision of who to work with.


Once you contact Strategic Capital, one of our structured settlement experts will contact you. They will ask you some questions to better understand your needs and get all of the details of your settlement. It is important that your are honest and forthcoming as this information is used to provide your specific quote and begin filling out any legal paperwork that is needed should you decide to sell.


You will then receive and official quote from the company which should detail all fees and net lump sum payment to you should you sell. Ensure that you compare the net lump sum price, AFTER all fees, between any competing


The company will then send you copies of all disclosures and contracts to sign and send back. Want to know, "what can i do to sell my structured settlement for cash faster?" The more quickly you return signed paperwork, the faster you will get your money.


The factoring company's lawyer will begin filling documents on your behalf. These will be legal documents filed with the court; they will be the same documents that you reviewed and signed. The lawyer will contact you if any additional information or signatures are needed.


A hearing will be scheduled with your local court. The factoring company's representative will inform you of the date and tell you how to prepare for your hearing. They can also tell you what to expect at your court hearing.


While the lawyer and factoring company will handle most legal hoops, you may need to show up in court so that the judge can talk with you and determine if you understand what you are doing and if selling your payments is in your best interests. The Judge will review your paperwork, including the terms of sale and the reason you cite for needing the money.


The Judge will then approve and sign your sale order; in rare situation your sale may be denied at this stage, but rarely happens with the Strategical Capital.


The approved sale order will be sent to insurance company that pays your annuity and their acknowledgement will be requested.


Soon after you will receive your funds from the company who is buying your payments and company will start to receive your payments instead of you.

So, if you wonder, “How do I sell my structured settlement for cash?”, just pick up the phone. Please call us should you have any questions or inquiries about any selling your structured settlement payments and the process involved 1-866-256-0088