What is a Structured Settlement?

A structured settlement is a financial arrangement between an insurance company and a person that arranges for the payment of court awards and lawsuit settlements in tax free installments instead of in a single payment. Each structure is created for the specific individual so that it’s valuable and helpful for them. The payment period and amounts will vary.

Why would I want to sell my Structured Settlements?

Your attorney and structured settlements professional invested time, effort and expertise in creating your individual settlement plan, so we recommend that any decision you’re considering to sell the payments be carefully and seriously considered. Often, it’s just better for your situation to keep your payments rather than sell them.

While the original settlement was set up with your future needs in mind, times change. So, you may be faced with the need to adapt to unexpected events in your life. That’s when selling part or all of your structured settlement may be a good option so you can get cash for structured settlement payments.

Is selling Structured Settlement payments always a good plan?

Not always. We regularly recommend that our clients not sell their payments. Sometimes it costs too much to sell a payment that you’ll receive soon. Other times, you won’t get enough cash after expenses to make it worthwhile because the payment is too small. And other times, it’s just better for your situation to keep your payments rather than sell them

We’ll also help you identify other sources for immediate cash. For example, we helped a student get a grant for college instead of selling payments. In another case, we were able to help a homeowner renegotiate his mortgage to avoid selling the payments that were paying the monthly bills.

If we don’t think that selling your payments is in your best interest, we’ll tell you so.

Do I have to sell my entire settlement?

No, many times all you need to do is to sell a part of your payments. Our team of experts will help you consider your needs and help you decide how many structured settlement payments to sell.

Do I have to hire an attorney to give me independent legal advice?

We always recommend that you get professional advice. Some states require that you have independent legal advice (Alaska, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Ohio). But, most states don’t require that, so you can make your own decision.

After I talk to you about selling a Structured Settlement, how much time do I have to make a decision?

You have as long as you need. We let you make a decision without bothering you with multiple calls every day. We believe in giving you all the time you need to make a careful and thoughtful decision.

How long is my quote good for?

Quotes are valid for a limited time and your client representative will clearly explain how long you have.

What are the steps in selling my Structured Settlement?

We have a clear and straightforward process to ensure your transaction is smooth and trouble -free.

  • Our expert client representative will talk with you to understand your current and future needs and tailor a plan specific to you and your needs.
  • We send the contract documents to you.
  • We encourage you to obtain legal advice before signing the contract.
  • You need to sign and send the documents back to us with your backup paperwork.
  • Then, we’ll send your documents to the attorney who will file with the court.
  • We’ll get a hearing date and go to court and obtain approval for your transaction.
  • After court approval, we’ll get a copy of your court order and make sure we have everything we need.
  • Funding! We’ll send you cash for your settlement.

Will I need to appear in court?

Your client representative will let you know if you are required to attend the hearing. If yes, he or she and our attorney will help you prepare for the hearing.

What information do I have to give you?

We’ll send you a list of the documents we need. To start, we’ll need your current contact information, photo identification and your policy or benefits letter from your insurance company.

How will I send and receive back documents?

Your personal Strategic Capital representative will work with you to find the easiest way. You have several options including prepaid courier, fax or email.

How long will it take to get my money?

The exact timing depends on your individual case. We’ve funded clients in as little as 18 days. Your client representative can give you an estimate for the timing in your state. Usually, it’s about 60 days from the time we receive all of your paperwork but can be faster. After the court approval, we usually send your cash within 72 hours after we receive a copy of the court order and acknowledgment letter from your insurance company. Again your client representative can tell you when you’ll get your money.

What’s an acknowledgment letter?

A written confirmation from your insurance company stating they have changed their records to reflect that you’ve sold your payments.

Can I get an advance?

In some cases, we can make a loan advance. If you need a structured settlement advance, your client representative will be happy to discuss the options.

How will the money be sent?

We usually wire your money. Ask your client representative about other funding options.

What if I want to sell more payments?

If you’d like to sell more of your payments, just call your client representative or the Strategic Capital toll free main line at 866-256-0088 and we will discuss your options with you.

What if I need more information or an update on my file?

Just call your client representative or the Strategic Capital main line and we’ll connect you with the right person.

Phone: 866-256-0088 (toll free)
Fax: 866-233-0863 (toll free)

Do you have an email address for more information?

Why would I want to sell my lottery or casino payments for cash?

It’s great that you’ve won the lottery or at casino and are getting regular payments. But, what if you’ve got something you need to take care of now – like education expenses, medical care or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity? That’s when you might want to sell lottery or casino payments for cash “today”.

How much are my winnings or payments worth today?

That depends on how many years of payments are left and the size of each payment. We’ll carefully calculate the current value of your winnings and give you a no-obligation valuation.

Do I have to sell all of my annuity payments?

No, you can sell as many of your payments as you want. You can even sell just part of your payments! For example, you can sell half of each of your next ten payments or you can sell all of your next 120 payments. We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your situation.

If I’ve already sold payments to another company, can you still buy my annuity?

No problem! We’ll simply buy payments that you haven’t sold and are still coming to you.