Clients Sell Annuity Structured Settlements; Attorney Simply Refers

Many clients will sell annuity structured settlement payments, whether the original lawyer advises it or not. This is fact; when a person wants money now they will find a way to get it.
If you think you want to sell annuity structured settlement payments, or you just wonder about the process for your clients, you may wonder what role the original settlement attorney will play. Actually, the original settlement lawyer has no obligation to participate in any of it – they can simply help their clients by having their staff recommend Strategic Capital so that they can be certain that their previous clients will be treated fairly and get the most possible from their settlement sale.
No Obligation for the Original Trial Attorney

Once an annuitant has decided to sell annuity structured settlement payments and signed an agreement to sell the original trial attorney may be notified. They may be told when the court hearing to approve the sale is, in case they would like to attend. They are not obligated to be involved in the factoring transaction and may choose not to appear in court.
It is important to note that the original attorney and his or her staff have no obligation when a client decides to sell annuity structured settlement payments. However, they do have the ability to play an important role prior to the client signing such an agreement, that is, they can offer a referral, ensuring that their clients work with a reputable, honest factoring company, such as Strategic Capital.
Many Clients will Sell, No Matter What

Many clients in need of money and considering selling their structured settlement payments will contact their original attorney or structured settlement broker to ask for help. If you are an attorney who often works with structured settlements, this is your chance to help your clients make important decisions, decisions that will impact their life. And it’s simple – just refer them to Strategic Capital.
Selling structured settlement payments is an important financial decision and should be made with careful deliberation. It is not always the right thing to do, but neither is it always the wrong thing – there are many aspects to consider. But the fact is that some clients already have their minds sent on selling their payments – by referring your clients to Strategic you can be certain that they will get a good price, and be well taken care of.
Helping Clients Make the Best Choices

The original attorney or structured settlement broker has the opportunity to provide guidance and refer the client who want to sell annuity structured settlement payments to reputable factoring companies who will treat both the client and the original structured settlement with respect and care. If you are an attorney or other person who works with structured settlement clients, consider this potential scenario:
You have a client who received an injury settlement, with monthly payments that helped them pay their rent while they were out of work. Now, a couple years later, the person is healthy enough to work, but still receiving the settlement. However, their job is now outdated or difficult to find, and they want to go back to school. They need some settlement money to help make ends meet, but they also need money to pay their tuition.

This client can work with Strategic Capital, selling us only a portion of their payments – enough to pay their tuition. This way their settlement is able to change to meet their change in life situation.

All you have to do, as the original settlement attorney, is instruct your support staff to refer clients who inquire about selling their settlements to Strategic Capital.
Referring People to Strategic Capital
When you refer a person to Strategic Capital you know that they will get honest, knowledgeable advice. At Strategic we do not push people into selling their payments. Instead, we help them consider their current and future situation, and make the best choice for themselves.

Published : May 6, 2013

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