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You could also speak to the structured settlement professional who set up your structured settlement in the first place, or you could call your trial lawyer who won your case for you. But please speak to someone who cares, who knows what they are talking about. Do NOT go into the financial jungle all on your own.You didn’t fight your lawsuit on your own, you didn’t set up your structured settlement on your own, so don’t sell structured settlement payments without speaking to an expert.Your structured settlement was set up with a lot of thought and planning. We think that any changes to your structured settlement should be handled just as carefully. Careful doesn’t mean slow. Careful means that you and your structured settlement deserve time and attention from an experienced expert so that you get the most from your structured settlement, so that you maximize the benefit to you of your structured settlement, so that you minimize the impact on your structured settlement.Make sure.
  1. Make sure that you really, really need to sell structured settlement payments.
  3. Make sure that when you sell some or all of your structured settlement payments, that it is right for you, not just right for the company buying your payments.
  5. Make sure that you have thought about not only your need for cash now, but that you have also thought about and planned for your future financial needs.
  7. Make sure that you solve your immediate need for cash now without creating a new problem for yourself “tomorrow”.
  9. Make sure that you only sell as many payments as you need to solve your financial need.
  11. Make sure that you don’t sell all your payments if you don’t need to.
Speak with one of our experts for expert care and attention at 1-866-256-0088. Or email us at info@strategiccapital.com.

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