Selling My Annuity for Cash

The primary purpose of your annuity is to help provide for financial needs as time goes on. While annuities are highly beneficial, there are times in which unexpected or significant financial obligations make it important to access a portion or all of the annuity funds as soon as possible. If you’re in need of money, and are considering selling your annuity for cash, the experts at Strategic Capital would welcome the opportunity to assist you. Our primary objective is to offer top-quality services that provide valuable flexibility in how your annuity can be used most effectively in the short, medium and long term.

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Based on your unique financial circumstances and requirements, our company can purchase some of your annuity or the annuity in its entirety. Strategic Capital will attain a clear understanding of your financial situation so as to best guide you in determining whether to sell your annuity, sell part of it, or ultimately retain it all. We always strive to leave as much of our customers’ annuities intact as is possible.

If you’re thinking to yourself that selling my annuity for cash is an important decision that necessitates careful thought and consideration, our team completely agrees. Regardless of whether you’re looking at selling your life contingent or guaranteed annuity funds, we believe that it is worthwhile to take sufficient time to truly understand the scope of your options and how each one will impact your life long-term. Strategic Capital will make you aware of all of the choices that provide the best cash for annuity value. Customer trust is vital to us, and as such we are committed to being transparent and offering exceptional service with clear and consistent communication.


Annuities: Step-by-Step

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Sell My Annuity

For all of their usefulness, annuities are not designed to properly account for the unforeseen. If you find yourself needing to manage unexpected financial obligations – such as medical bills – or otherwise desire liquid capital to use toward educational pursuits or a new business or property, you can obtain a lump sum of cash when you sell your annuity.

The annuity specialists at Strategic Capital are here to help you with just that. We aim to strike an ideal balance in selling the portion of the annuity that successfully accounts for your current needs while simultaneously leaving the remainder of the annuity untouched. This effective, forward-thinking strategy is a core difference between Strategic Capital and other companies that purchase annuities. From the very beginning, we’ve been determined to work with compassion and fairness with annuitants’ interests front and center at all times.

We encourage you to keep as much of your annuity as possible and even work with you to find other channels through which you can obtain money.



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We’ve found that the best results come when customers sell just enough of their annuities to fund their various needs. Coming up with the right amount is key, and that’s one of the many areas our team excels at. If after evaluating your financial situation we determine that selling your annuity doesn’t make sense and won’t provide the benefit you seek, we will not encourage you to proceed with the sale. Rather, we will discuss all viable alternatives.

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Strategic Capital – Leading Cash for Annuity Company

If we determine that getting cash for your annuity is the best option for your financial health, we’ll move on to pinpointing the specific amount to sell off. At that point, one of our Strategic Capital experts will come up with several personalized options for your careful consideration. We want you to be as confident and comfortable as possible, and will provide you with comprehensive information and all the time you need to reach your decision while making ourselves readily available to answer any questions you may have.

Our experts always suggest that customers do an “overnight test” in which they choose the option they like the most and then get a good night’s rest. We then encourage them to ask themselves, do I still feel good about selling my annuity? Giving yourself time to sleep on the choice and thinking about it this way helps to avoid hasty decision making that could lead to regret. As there are typically numerous important variables to consider when deciding whether to sell your annuity in part or as a whole, we also suggest going over the provided options with your legal and/or financial advisors.

If you’re in need of funds and thinking about selling your annuity for a lump sum of cash, speak with our friendly team at Strategic Capital. No matter what stage you’re at in your thinking, our skilled, knowledgeable, and empathetic experts will take the time to help you fully explore available choices while providing all of the guidance and support you want. Don’t delay in contacting us for assistance. You can request a complimentary quote online, or by calling (866) 256-0088 toll-free.