Sell Annuity Payments

The main function of your annuity payments is to provide funds for your financial needs throughout the years. Annuities can be very helpful, though there are also times when unplanned or time-sensitive financial situations arise where you may need quick access to some or all of your annuity funds. When you are looking to sell annuity payments, our experts at Strategic Capital are here to assist you. We are dedicated to providing excellent services that offer the most annuity flexibility and effectiveness possible to meet current financial needs and long-term goals.

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Depending on your specific financial requirements, Strategic Capital can purchase a portion or your entire annuity. We will work closely with you to understand your financial needs and help determine how much of your annuity payments to sell for the greatest benefit. We always try to keep as much of the customer’s annuity funds as is while converting enough to provide for future needs.

We understand that selling your annuity payments is a big decision that needs to be made with thoughtful consideration. No matter if you are pondering selling your life contingent or guaranteed annuity funds, we recommend taking the time to understand your options and which one will be best for you in the long-term. Our skilled team will help provide you with the information and choices available to you that will give you the best value for your annuity. We are committed to providing trustworthy customer service with clear and transparent communication.


Annuities: Step-by-Step

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Cash for Annuity Payments

While annuities can be very beneficial over the years, they are ill suited for unpredictable or substantial financial situations such as medical expenses, education funds, the start of a new business or purchasing a property. That’s when we can help get you a lump sum of cash for your annuity payments.

Our annuity specialists’ main objective is to provide the most value from your annuity payments to take care of your current needs while keeping enough for future use. That is what makes us different from other companies that purchase annuities. From the start of the process we are committed to providing the customer with options that keep their best interests in mind while working closely with them to establish the ideal financial plan.

We encourage you to keep as much of your annuity as possible and even work with you to find other channels through which you can obtain money.



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We have found that it is most advantageous for customers to sell only the amount of their annuities that will help cover their financial requirements. Our team has the knowledge and expertise needed to determine the right amount to sell and keep. In the case where it is determined that selling your annuity will not benefit you, we will not recommend you to continue with the sale. We will instead offer you other helpful alternatives.

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Strategic Capital – Selling Annuity Payment for Cash

If selling your annuity payment for cash is the most ideal financial solution, we will then proceed to determine the exact amount to sell. Our Strategic Capital experts will then come up with several well-reasoned options for your careful consideration. We want you to be as sure as can be and as comfortable as possible when it comes to making a decision, which is why will make sure to provide you with all of the details and time you need to decide. We are available to answer any and all questions you may have.

Once you have chosen an option, we always suggest doing an “overnight test” in which you take the night to sleep on it to avoid making a rushed decision that you may end up regretting. Get a good night’s rest and see how you feel about your decision the next day. We also recommend that you review the options provided with your lawyer, or other legal and/or financial advisors that you rely on.

When you are considering whether to sell your annuity payments to help accrue the funds you need, our team at Strategic Capital is here to assist you. Our skilled and knowledgeable specialists will take the time to examine your financial situation and come up with feasible choices that are right for you. To speak with one of our experts, give us a call today at (866) 256-0088, or request a quote online.