Sell Lottery or Casino Payments in West Virginia

For over 25 years, Strategic Capital has purchased lottery winnings from customers across many states. Our experienced team assists individuals from all walks of life get money in the short term from what is owed to them in future installments. If you’re in need of funds to meet unexpected financial obligations or pursue life opportunities, we’re here to help you sell your lottery or casino payments in West Virginia.

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Deciding whether to sell some, or even all, of your payments can be a truly monumental decision with many variables involved. Strategic Capital is here to make the process of selling West Virginia lottery or casino payments as streamlined and hassle-free as possible from beginning to end. We view ourselves as partners to everyone we work with, providing ample guidance, answering any and all questions, and ultimately helping individuals make decisions that will benefit them the most today and well into the future.

Due to differences in state regulations, we only purchase lottery prizes in those particular states that currently permit the sale of payments from lottery winnings. One of the reasons why many people choose to work with us is that we offer a range of effective options, including the purchase of partial payments. If you need the funds from your lottery prize sooner rather than later, don’t delay in reaching out to us to discuss how we can assist.

Reasons to Sell Your Lottery or Casino Payments


Obtain a Degree
Start a Business
Purchase a New Home
Purchase a New Car


Paying Medical Bills
Paying Credit Card Debt
Mortgage Payments
Insurance Payments

Customer selling West Virginia lottery and casino winnings for cash with Strategic Capital.

Considerations for Selling West Virginia Lottery and Casino Winnings

At Strategic Capital, our financial experts are fully committed to attaining a thorough understanding of our customers’ specific financial circumstances. Doing so allows us to provide the most appropriate guidance possible. For example, tax liens and money owed from past due child support are subtracted from the overall purchase price of the lottery or casino payments. As such, if you’re considering whether to sell lottery or casino winnings in West Virginia, we strongly recommend assessing all options in consultation with your attorney and tax professional. We want all customers to get the highest value possible for their payments, and end up with the financial option that will best enable them to meet their goals.