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Structured settlement annuities are in large part designed to provide recipients with needed financial assistance as the years go by. When unforeseen and/or substantial financial obligations necessitate a fairly quick cash injection, however, the spaced out payment structure of annuities can become problematic. If you need money sooner rather than later and are thinking about selling some or all of your structured annuity for a lump sum of cash, the specialists at Strategic Capital are ready and able to help. As a top structured settlement annuity buyer, we deliver unmatched financial services that give customers the annuity flexibility they truly need to get their finances in order.

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Strategic Capital is equipped to buy a portion of your structured annuity, or all of it, depending on what will work best for your specific situation, needs, and goals. First and foremost, we will develop a comprehensive understanding of your finances to best determine if selling annuity payments is right for you and how much to sell. We always make it a point to leave as much of the annuity alone as possible while purchasing just enough to cover current and upcoming expenditures.

An experienced buyer of structured settlement annuities, we recognize that selling payments for cash is a critical and complex decision that merits thorough consideration. Regardless of the type of annuity funds involved, we believe that putting in the time to carefully think about each option before making a decision is by far the wisest course of action. As such, our team will provide you with all of the information needed on each option, and give you ample time to think everything through. Unparalleled customer service with clear and transparent communication is central to our operations.


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As mentioned above, for all of the great benefits of structured settlement annuities, they are less than ideal where unexpected financial obligations are concerned. Medical expenses, vehicle expenses and more can crop up when least expected. Additionally, customers sometimes find themselves in situations where lack of available funds is preventing the pursuit of higher education, the move into home ownership or the start of a business venture.

People from across the United States contact the annuity experts at Strategic Capital because among companies that buy out annuities, we offer exceptional cash value and a stress-free, empowering experience from beginning to end. Our strategy is not to encourage you to part with your structured annuity right off the bat. Rather, our goal is to buy just enough of the annuity to meet our customers’ needs while leaving the rest as is. This is a fundamental difference between our company and others that purchase annuity payments. We empathize with our customers and the difficult situations they find themselves in, and treat them with fairness and compassion at all times because they deserve nothing less.

We encourage you to keep as much of your annuity as possible and even work with you to find other channels through which you can obtain money.



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As a company with substantial experience in annuity buyouts, we’ve seen that the best possible results come when customers part with just the right amount of the annuity value to meet their particular requirements. It is this “right amount” that our team does a masterful job at determining. If selling your structured annuity payments will not be advantageous, we will not recommend that you do so. Instead, we will go over any and all alternatives that can work in your favor.

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For those where selling payments is the most appropriate option, our annuity buyout company will carefully determine the proper amount. At that stage of the process, one of our specialists will devise customized options for your assessment. We will go over all of the information clearly and in as much detail as necessary. We’re also here to answer any questions you may have regarding the options while giving you the time and space to make your decision comfortably and confidently.

With selling annuity payments being such a potentially momentous decision, we recommend that customers do an “overnight test”. Once they believe they have their ideal option figured out, we ask them to sleep on it and determine whether they still feel as good about the choice as they did the evening before. If the answer is yes, then it’s likely time to proceed. If the answer is no, then more contemplation and discussion is needed before moving forward in that direction or another. As these matters can be complex in nature, we also recommend delving into the options we present with your lawyer or financial advisor.

If financial obligations have you needing funds quickly and considering selling your annuity, we hope you’ll speak with the buyers of structured settlement annuities at Strategic Capital. Whether you just started thinking about your options, or have been considering this for a while, our experts will help you explore viable choices while supporting you every step of the way. To receive a free, no-obligation quote from our renowned annuity buyout company, please call us at (866) 256-0088 or fill out our convenient online contact form.