Sell Your Structured Settlement in Nebraska

If you’re a Nebraska resident whose financial needs have changed, selling a portion of your structured settlement or the entire settlement may be the help you need to surmount any obstacles in front of you. That’s what our Strategic Capital team strives to help you do.

Customers who are selling structured settlements in Nebraska are assisted by Strategic Capital.

When you were first awarded your structured settlement, you probably felt a wave of relief. With litigation behind you, you shored up your financial well-being with settlement payments that would last for years.

But because life is unpredictable, a situation may arise in which you need access to some of that money in advance. If you find yourself in a position like this, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team at Strategic Capital. Together, we can help you explore how to use your structured settlement to meet your current financial needs while keeping as much of the structure as possible intact.

We are able to buy a portion or all of your Nebraska structured settlement, depending on your needs and goals, to help you feel financially stable again. If you’re curious about how you can use your structured settlement to meet your financial needs now while still being careful about your financial future, we’d love to talk with you.

Strategic Capital assists customers with selling structured settlements in Nebraska.

The Benefits of Selling Nebraska Settlement Payments with Strategic Capital

Most of our potential customers approach us because they’re feeling a financial pinch. Maybe unexpected medical expenses arose. Maybe a life change dictates that you move but you need money to put toward a home in your new area. Maybe you need help to catch up on your mortgage payments. Countless reasons can lead to you needing or wanting liquid money now.

We aim to help individuals in this exact situation. But don’t assume that if you make an appointment with us, you’ll end up selling your settlement. In fact, many people approach us wanting to sell their settlement but, upon analyzing their financial situation, we help them see that it’s not a good idea to sell.

Additionally, we usually don’t buy all your future structured settlement payments in Nebraska. We know that your settlement was carefully structured to provide you with financial comfort over time. To protect that, we help you determine the right number of payments to sell in order to get the money you need now while preserving as much of the settlement as possible. In fact, about 85% of our transactions involve us buying only part of the structure and leaving the rest for your future benefit. In this way, we help customers meet their current needs while protecting their future.

Get Cash for Structured Settlement Payments

To learn more about selling payments from structured settlements in Nebraska, what you can expect during the process, and how to make the right choice for yourself and your loved ones, give our team at Strategic Capital a call today at (866) 256-0088 or get a quote online.