Sell Medical Malpractice Settlements

Do you or a loved one have a settlement from a lawsuit against a doctor or medical practice but need cash now to handle your more immediate expenses?

Many medical malpractice settlements are paid out over time using structured settlement payment plans.  Although there are benefits to this type of payment schedule, these future payments are not helpful should an urgent financial need arise.  Plaintiffs receiving these types of settlements can find themselves in difficult situations if they experience changes in their financial needs and obligations.  Waiting for years to receive settlement payments is in many cases very common, yet also sometimes undesirable. This is where Strategic Capital can help.

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Sell medical malpractice payments to Strategic Capital.

Selling Medical Malpractice Settlement Payments Can Help Secure You Or Your Loved One’s Future

The value of a medical malpractice claim includes compensation for all losses sustained as a result of the negligent treatment, including:

  • Exacerbated pain and suffering beyond that of the original condition 
  • Lost wages (for the time missed from work as the result of the doctor’s negligence, not the underlying condition) 
  • Decreased future earning potential as the result of permanent injuries 

Strategic Capital is able to purchase these types of settlements so that you don’t have to wait years to receive value from your future payments. This way you can focus on paying off medical expenses and getting yourself back to 100%. Even if you only have a few years remaining on your payment schedule, we can work with you so that you or your loved one have the resources they need to secure their future. 

What should you expect if you sell part or all of your medical malpractice settlement?

At Strategic Capital, we have years of experience purchasing structured settlements. This has allowed us to hone our expertise while streamlining the experience for our customers. Today, we’re pleased to provide a clear, straightforward, and hassle-free process. Here are the simple steps you can expect:

Step 1

We talk with you.

Your financial situation is as unique as you are. We start the process by speaking with you and discussing your needs and goals. We take the time to understand the situation that’s leading to you needing to sell in the first place, as well as your long-term plans and financial needs.

Step 2

We explore your options.

Based on your wants, needs, and plans, we lay out your choices. We help you determine how much of your settlement to sell to meet your current requirements while protecting as much of the settlement as possible to provide for your future. We give you multiple options based on what’s right for you.

Step 3

We send you the contract documents.

Once we’ve decided on the right path forward, we send the contract documents to you. We encourage you to obtain legal advice before signing the contract.

Step 4

You submit the necessary documentation.

When you’re ready, sign and send the documents back to us with any additional paperwork needed for the process.

Step 5

We work with you through the legal process.

Then, we’ll send your documents to the attorney who files with the court. We’ll get a hearing date and go to court and obtain approval for your transaction. After court approval, we’ll get a copy of your court order and make sure we have everything we need.

Step 6

We send you cash.

Once we’ve completed the legal proceedings, we pay you the cash from selling your structured settlement payments. It’s as easy as that.

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NATLE Executive Director

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KJA President

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CAOC President

“Strategic Capital Corporation purchases structured settlement payments. Unlike other firms in the industry, they are known for treating, with care and fairness, those with severe financial challenges arising after their case has settled.”

Kathleen M. Reilly, Esq.
NJAJ President

“If clients do need to sell some of their structure, Strategic Capital has satisfied us that they will help your clients, not take advantage of them.”

Matt Hardin
TTLA President

Sell Your Medical Malpractice Settlement

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