Sell Auto Accident Settlements

When a person is involved in an auto accident, it can create a huge financial burden in addition to bodily injuries, property damages, as well as pain and suffering. A person injured in an auto accident where the other party is at fault is entitled to receive compensation for their losses and damages.

An auto accident structured settlement may be awarded in the form of periodic payments instead of one large lump sum. You will receive the settlement funds over an extended period of time. These payments can help cover medical bills, lost income and other financial losses that may have resulted from the auto accident.

These types of structured settlements may provide auto accident victims with financial security throughout many years. However, people sometimes find themselves in situations where they need quick access to these funds in order to handle unexpected medical expenses as well as other financial obligations.

If you are in a situation where you need more money than your regular payments can provide at once, you shouldn’t have to make the difficult decision between your future security and immediate needs. The ability to sell your auto accident settlement can help give you the funds you need when you need it. Strategic Capital assists customers who are looking to sell their auto accident settlements to help meet their financial goals.

Strategic Capital helps customers who want to sell auto accident settlements.

Selling your Auto Accident Settlement Payments

If you are thinking about selling your auto accident settlement payments, Strategic Capital will help determine how much you should sell in order to efficiently cover your current and future financial needs. You may not need to sell all of your payments; we will help create a plan that will help meet your specific financial needs and goals.

When you have gone through a traumatic auto accident, you shouldn’t have the added stress of dealing with financial difficulties and waiting for your next settlement payment to arrive. Selling your auto accident settlement can provide you with much needed peace of mind.

What should you expect if you sell part or all of your auto accident settlement?

The experts at Strategic Capital are committed to helping customers sell their auto accident settlements to get them the funds that they require in the short, medium and long term. WE TALK WITH YOU. Your financial situation is as unique as you are. We start the process by sitting down with you and discussing your needs and goals. We provide a simple and stress-free experience for our customers, guiding you step-by-step through the process. Here are the simple steps you can expect:

Step 1

We talk with you.

Your financial situation is as unique as you are. We start the process by speaking with you and discussing your needs and goals. We take the time to understand the situation that’s leading to you needing to sell in the first place, as well as your long-term plans and financial needs.

Step 2

We explore your options.

Based on your wants, needs, and plans, we lay out your choices. We help you determine how much of your settlement to sell to meet your current requirements while protecting as much of the settlement as possible to provide for your future. We give you multiple options based on what’s right for you.

Step 3

We send you the contract documents.

Once we’ve decided on the right path forward, we send the contract documents to you. We encourage you to obtain legal advice before signing the contract.

Step 4

You submit the necessary documentation.

When you’re ready, sign and send the documents back to us with any additional paperwork needed for the process.

Step 5

We work with you through the legal process.

Then, we’ll send your documents to the attorney who files with the court. We’ll get a hearing date and go to court and obtain approval for your transaction. After court approval, we’ll get a copy of your court order and make sure we have everything we need.

Step 6

We send you cash.

Once we’ve completed the legal proceedings, we pay you the cash from selling your structured settlement payments. It’s as easy as that.

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